My Second Job

by Jim (North Carolina)

As I stand in Jen's front room in complete darkness I hear Jens car pull into the driveway. I look at my watch and grin Jim was right to almost the second. I hear Jen fumbling with the lock and entering the front room closing the door behind her my left arm closes around her neck as I press my brass knuckle shaped into Jen's ribcage.

I ram Jen face first into the wall as the shock raced through her body while at the same time, I choke off her air. As Jen's legs give out, she slumps to the floor, I quickly rip open her blouse sending buttons and just shove her strapless bra up over her sagging tits.

I pin Jen's head to the wall with my left hand while I pull my cock free from my black sweatpants. WHHHAATTT THE FUCKKKKK Jen cries as she tried to defend herself. JEN LISTEN TO ME BITCH, I growl as I bang her head back against the wall several more times. YOU. SCREAM I BEAT YOU...YOU CRY FOR HELP I BEAT YOU..... I lean over Jen,,,,I AM GOING TO FUCK YOU LIKE THE CUNT YOU ARE.... ONLY QUESTION IS IF I ALSO BEAT THE FUCK OUT OF YOU ,,,GOT IT CUNT !!!

I pull Jen to her feet by her hair and my right hand starts too savagely slap her exposed defenseless tits. PLEASEEEE GGOOODDD PLEASEEEEE Jen sobbed in a mix of pain and fear. REMEMBER.. YOU SCREAM YOU GET BEAT,,,With my right hand wrapped around her throat I lick the side up to her ear,,,,,UUMMMM YOU FUCKING TASTE GOOD,,,LETS SEE HOW TIGHT YOU ARE,,I toss Jen across the back couch of the driving her stomach first into it. I quickly moved up behind her and pin her in place with my hips. I reach up her skirt grab her shockingly wet panties and jerk them to the floor.

I flip her skirt up over her ass and with my right hand start slapping her exposed ass. YOUR A NASTY CUNT JEN..THUD THUD THUD...I GROWL AS I SLAPPED HER ASS RELENTLESSLY. YOUR A FUCKING CHEAP SLUT JEN WE BOTH KNOW IT I MUTTER AS I WALK BEHIND HER BEET RED ASS. Jen sobs and gasps for air her head spinning SSSTTTOOOPPPP I BBEEGGGGG YOU PLEASEEEEE....NOOOOOOO...Jen tries to straighten up as she feels the head of my mass 8 inch 7 inch around cock press just inside her cunt lips.

AAAAGGGGHHHHHH NNNNAAAAAAA GGGOOOODDDD NOOOOOOOO, Jen begging was what I was looking for...I take my phone and start the it come slut the biggest cock your cunt has ever had I bet. I slowly thrust my cock inch by inch into her incredibly tight cunt.NOOOOOOOOOOOO NNNNOOOOO PLEASEEEEEE STOPPPPPPP PLEASEEEEEE. I stop record from my phone to grab Jen's hips and thrust balls deep into her pussy. I grab a handful of her sweat soaked hair and jerk her head back. I am going to enjoy this slut;.. I whisper into her ear as I lick her neck.

I look down at my watch and see the time speeding by time to earn my pay. I start hammering Jen's cunt with bone crushing thrust while jerking Jen's head back as my free hands slaps Jens raw ass meat. YOUR A FUCKING CHEAP CUM BUCKET JEN... YOUR A NASTY FUCKING CUNT...A FUCKING WHORE, I GROWL AS I HATE FUCK JEN'S.

Jen's body has gone totally limp, draped over the back of the couch. UUUMMMPPPHHH OOOHHHH UUUMMMMMM OOOMMMPPPHHH NNNNAAAA, mixed with Jen gasping for air are the only sounds in the room. I AM GOING THE FILL YOUR CUNT WITH MY SEED YOU CUNT,,, FILL YOU WITH MY RICH HOT BABY BATTER WHORE. Jens last attempt to fight was struck down by my raining slaps down onto the back of her head. Jen broke down totally sobbing crying her whole body shook as she cried. That was all it took, and I blew the first blast of my seed deep into her cunt. Blast after blast I sprayed the walls of her cunt.... then to my Suprise Jen stiffened as a massive orgasm ripped thru her. Wave after sick pleasure raced thru Jens destroyed body.

As my cock softens, I pull myself free of her cunt and pull my meat back inside my sweatpants. YOUR A CHEAP FUCKING WHORE... YOU FUCKING CUM FROM BEING RAPED.. YOUR A CUNT I GROWL into her ear. Don't fucking cheat on your husband anymore tramp....Jens tries to rise up in shock as to how he knew. HOWWWWW DID YOUUU.....the taser shoved into her ribs cut her words short.....

I pick up a small camera that caught the whole act....walk out the door looking back to see Jen starting to slump into a pile of meat on the floor. I send the quick video with the message leaving now. Money pays paled to you thank you. I will send full video later.

I heard Jen answer the phone....NOOOO NNOO DEAR I AM FINE....I was sleeping. I walk away smiling, hubby got revenge, cheating wife taught a lesson.... me I got paid to blow my cock into a defenseless slut. My dark side is starting to make me money....

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