My Second BBC Multiple Guys

by Buck Naked (SC)

I had parked for the night at the delivery it was behind the building secluded and dark I posted for a BBC to suck and get fucked by, immediately I got a few responses 9 in all.

I responded back to the first giving him the address and instructions I responded to the rest as I waited he arrived about 30 minutes later and got in, came in the back stripped I hungrily took him 8 in cock in my mouth and started licking and sucking cupping his big nut sack working my mouth up and down his shaft.

I stopped flipped onto my back and pulled him back to my hungry mouth as he thrust in and our i pulled him forward and he entered my throat pumping faster and faster harder and harder until i felt his cock swell.

He started to pull out but i pulled him forward balls deep he ejaculated down my throat i swallowed constantly milking every drop he pulled out and i began to suck him hard again i spun around lubed my hole and he thrust deep inside fucking me with hard deliberate strokes.

He lasted for about 45 minutes of hard pounding rhythm and finally was about to cum he asked where i wanted it i told him right where he was, with that he thrust as deep as he could and flooded my hole cum gushing out around his cock.

He cleared up and left i already had the next guy on his way it wasn't long before he got there and was naked I took my time edging his cock and caressing his ball sack he said he was going to cum.

So I pushed him into my throat as he started milking his cock dry then sucking him hard again he had me get on my stomach and he entered me from behind pushing deeper and deeper into my ass until he had his thick 7.5 in cock inside with a slow steady pace.

He kept fucking my ass stretching my hole and thrust balls deep cumming into my waiting receptacle he cleaned up and left the next 6 guys came down my throat and couldn't do anything more.

Then the next guy asked if his friend could come with him I agreed they showed up and the first one fucked my throat until he deposited his sperm deep into my throat his enormous 11 inch cock was down my throat completely.

He pulled out and his friend shoved his cock into my mouth I could barely fit the girth he too pushed into my throat until all 12.5 inches were in the first guy got behind me and started fucking me at the same time.

It took a little time and force to get his bulbous head past my anal ring they both pounded hard and balls deep until the guy in my throat started to swell even bigger dumping his seed down my throat.

I almost passed out from lack of oxygen when I came around the first guy had me on top of him and the second was lubed and pushing against my already stretched hole I thought he was going to RIP me open.

But with steady force my anus gave way and let him enter they brutally fucked my hole for over an hour totally filling me stretching me to the limit and cumming harder and more volume than I've ever experienced.

After they left I cleaned up and went to sleep I was definitely sore for days their cum leaked out all night soaking my mattress after delivery I went and bought a new one.

Part 2 the second round will be coming soon.

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