My Running Friend

by Big Guy (Aus)

I was in our holiday unit feeling a bit naughty so I injected my cock with a caverject injection, this makes my cock so hard for about 3 to 4 hours.

I was just going to go to the beach and walk around watching all the ladies looking at my big cock through my togs, as I was about to leave my friend stopped by.

I thought fuck what am I going to do with my hard cock clearly visible through my pants I took a towel and layer it over my shoulder thinking it would hide it from her.

She came in and said what are you doing I said about to go to the beach and she said I might come with you but can we have a coffee first I said yes hoping my erection might cool down a little.

She made the coffee and as we were talking my towel fell off she looked and then looked straight at me as her face turned bright red. Her husband works away most weeks so she wouldn’t be getting any sex while he’s away.

She said can you please stand up for me and with that I did and my cock was growing full again, she let out a small wimp and just stared at my hard cock.

She said how big is that thing I said why she said I don’t think I’ve ever seen one that big before.

I said it just 8 inches fully erect she once again let out a little wimp and said can you please show me, I said yes but promise not to tell anyone she said I promise.

I slowly undid my pants and pulled them down and now her mouth was open with huge eyes staring at my cock once again. I said are you ok she said can I touch it I said only if I can see your pussy.

She said I’ll gladly show you my pussy and with that she stripped off all of her clothes, by now my cock is starting to bounce a little and she grabbed a hold of my cock and said can I please have this in me?

I grabbed her by the hand and led her to my bed I sat her down and guided my cock into her mouth, wow she can really suck cock.

She done it for about 5 minutes and I said I better taste you before I make a mess of your pussy and with that I started licking this fabulous tasting pussy.

I got up and said are you sure you want me in you? She said yes I want your big cock if me as far as you can get it.

We fucked on and off for over 3 hours before we cleaned up and went for some lunch, I held her hand like we were together and not once did she let me go.

She has been in my bed many times now and her husband has no idea she’s my fuck machine while he’s away working.

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