My One Night Stand Or Is It

by Gillian (Huddersfield)

I am 30, married to a lovely husband with 2 young children, in order to earn some pocket money I work in a local pub 3 sessions per week. One of the sessions is Monday night when I generally run the place on my own as it is quiet, and the landlord and landlady live upstairs and only come down to lock up .

Generally towards the end of the evening there are only a few guys left at the bar. One of them a good looking guy with a rugby players physique called Andy has been coming in more and more on Mondays and this particular night I asked why are you here when you told me you are away all week and he said he had told his boss he couldn’t be away on Mondays because he liked to come into the pub to see me.

I said I was flattered and I must admit we flirted a bit that night. Around 11 pm the landlord came down to close up and I got my bag said goodnight and went out to my car. As I got to the car I heard the door go behind me and my name being called I turned and it was Andy.

He came up to ask me if I had to rush off as he wanted to talk and I said we have been talking all night ....yes he said but he wanted to ask me something. Go on then. I want to ask you to come out with me for a drink. I can’t I said I am married. I know that but a drink surely won’t hurt.

The stragglers started leaving the pub and got a few jeers. So Andy said follow me up to the cricket club car park and we can talk there and before I could answer he got into his car and drove off. So I thought what the hell and followed him.

We parked our cars and it being a warm night leant on him. He then said well what’s your answer and I said weeelll.....he said please tell me I haven’t misread the signals and I said no you haven’t. And with that he got hold of my waist and pulled towards him and we started kissing long and deep.

I couldn’t pull away even though I knew I should. Suddenly his hands were everywhere cupping my breasts at first outside my shirt then under it and I was getting excited especially by the hard bulge I could feel pressing on my pubic area.

I reached down and rubbed it and it felt huge and hard. His hands continued to explore me gently feeling up my leg and into my knickers. By this time I was embarrassingly wet.

I reached for his belt and unbuckled it drew down his zip and got out a large erection. I swiftly pulled down my pants and stepped out of them and impaled myself on his stiff dick.

We didn’t speak and in a very few motions I reached an extraordinary orgasm and when he sensed this he exploded inside me, very risky as my husband has had a vasectomy and there was no protection.

Andy said now will you come out with me for a drink. I have of course agreed but I’m panicking a bit about pregnancy. So do I go out with him or shall I call a one off. It’s a tough call.

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