My Old Mother In Law

by Bobby Stuart (Australia)

I was 45 years old and considered myself to be a randy sort of guy, I was married to a woman who thought sex was something you organized on a calendar for example I was allowed to fuck her after the Sunday night movie had finished, 90% of the time I was already in bed as I had to get up early for work, after the movie had finished she would wake me up and expect me to want her sometimes I had already masturbated because I was sick of waiting other times I would fuck the living daylights out of her.

One weekend I got a phone call from her 72 year old mother to ask if I would move a cabinet in her bedroom I said OK I will come over that afternoon, on arrival we had a cup of tea and a sandwich we talked about where she wanted the cabinet moved to, after a while we went into her bedroom but because the cabinet was heavy proceeded to remove the draws, to my amazement one of the draws had a rather large vibrator and a few batteries rolling around.

My Mum in Law made no attempt to cover it or hide it so I just thought she was a horny old woman that enjoyed sex, we moved the cabinet and started putting the four draws back into it when I cheekily asked her if she still used the vibrator with that she said she used it quite often as it helped her frustrations of losing her husband.

She told me she had no interest in going out and just enjoyed playing with sex toys, we then got onto the subject of my sex life which she knew was rat shit because my wife's ex husband used to tell my wife's parents that she was frigid, I told my Mum in Law about how my wife would give me sex once a week and sometimes I would wank off instead.

She then walked over to the draw loaded the vibrator with batteries turned it on and asked me to pull my pants down, by this time I was trembling with anticipation and already had a hard on, she held my shaved cock and run the vibrator around the head of my cock, next she pulled her slacks down and removed her panties to expose a beautiful hairless pussy.

I took the vibrator off her and held the tip of it against her rather large clit she started groaning and loved every second of it, next thing I know we are both naked on the bed in the 69 position, her bent over my face with the vibrator sliding in and out of her wet juicy pussy and me licking her clit, she was sucking my 7in cock and rubbing my balls at the same time, I could not take this anymore I just had to sink my aching cock into her wet beautiful pussy.

So she laid on her back with her legs in the air, I could not resist the temptation to suck and lick this beautiful hairless and pretty small pussy before shoving my cock into it, she moaned and groaned with delight and begged me to slide my cock into her, when I did it was one of the best fucks I had ever had she rode my cock until we both had an earth shattering orgasm at the same time, we both lay there for a while kissing and letting our juices soak together in her sexy fuck hole.

We stayed naked and washed our genitals then headed back to the kitchen this time it was coffee and a chat about my sex life with my wife and the prospect of having a relationship with Mum in Law.

Wow I wanted more of that action so we worked out that Saturday mornings while my Wife was at work that I would visit Mum in Law for sex fun, I found it hard to control my emotions because this was a dream come true, she was a very fit woman that loved walking, I suggested that sometimes we should go for a walk before heading to the bedroom an idea she liked, anyhow after coffee she invited me back into the bedroom I put the vibrator into her pussy which was still wet with my cum I pulled it out and licked out the juices off.

The vibe then slid it back in together with my rock hard cock she started riding and sliding her hot pussy along both shafts then let out a scream of delight as she cum over my cock and vibe, I came a couple of minutes later withdrew my cock and vibe then got down and licked her clean, she did the same while running her hand up my cock to get the last bit of spunk out of it then licked it like an ice cream.

Well this went on for about eight years and she was still loving my cock when she was eighty, one thing I can say is age is no barrier to good sex and after her Mum, fucking my Wife who was thirty years younger was like sticking your cock into a can of beans.

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