My Old Guys Video Review

by JuiceyTits (Heaven)

This afternoon, just after i shared yesterdays events Roy came over to see me, apparently he had told his wife he was going for a walk.

You can imagine my surprise and excitement as i opened the door to see his face, and ushered him in.

As i shut the door he pinned me against it, run his hand down my body and squeezed my pussy. 'Wanted to let you know what the lads thought of your video slut' he whispered in my ear.

I began to breath quicker as i felt his finger tips trying to push through my pants to get at my pussy.

'Roger wants to eat your ass, and billy wants you to suck his little prick while the rest of us take turns ripping your cunt apart' he informed me. I felt my pussy clench as i pictured it in my head 'you like that wouldn't you cum slut.'

I licked my lips and nodded my head. I felt the seem of my pants give way to his fingers as he grinned at me, spreading them to tear a hole on the crotch of my pants, moving my thong aside he slipped 2 of his long slender rough fingers inside me, i felt his nails scratching at the inside of my pussy.

'Your going to come over tonight whore, and they are going to do whatever they like to you, you hear me?!' He told me. I moaned at both the thought and his fingers, i wondered if he was like this with his wife.

All of a sudden his fingers turned to his fist and he expertly punched my pussy, i could hear my juices slopping as he thrust his fist deeper and deeper inside me. He got to his knees, raised my leg over his shoulder and pushed so hard i felt his watch enter me i felt his hand stretch open and without warning i came, he ripped his hand out of me, 'fucking cum whore, its gonna be stretched more than that tonight, we are going to fuck you til you bleed slut' he grinned, honestly i couldn't think of anything i wanted more at that moment.

He grabbed my hair and threw me to the floor, knocking the wind out of me for a moment, he began slapping my ass as he ripped my pants even more, there really was no point in them even being on now. I was ready, waiting for his cock my dripping pussy throbbing at him, Roy steadied himself and suddenly, rock hard bone dry 9 inch cock was slamming into my ass.

I yelped in surprises by quickly turned it into loud moans. 'Shes going to hear you' he warned, i knew he meant his wife, and i hope she did. My response to his statement was me getting louder, "YES, YES, FUCK ME LIKE THAT' i shouted, clearly he loves it as he rammed himself balls deep into my ass and shot his load inside me.

Pulling out of me i stood up, i wanted more of him, as quickly as i could i shoved me dripping wet pussy in his face and started as loudly as i could 'EAT IT PLEASE, EAT MY PUSSY PLEASE, YES JUST LIKE THAT OH FUCK YES' the louder i got the deeper his tongue went inside me. He licked up to my clit so hard i almost fell over, he held my hips as he bit hard on my clit and i exploded once again.

I imagined him kissing his wife when he got home. It made me so hot.

He pushed me away 'filthy whore' he sneered 'you'll get whats coming to you'. He left me standing there pussy exposed, pants covered in my own juices as he headed for my bathroom. As he cleaned himself up, i stripped off and stood waiting for him, but as he returned he informed me 'you can wait cum slut, go wash that cunt ready for tonight, and clean up this mess' he walked up to me pulled my nipples so hard i winced ' shes staying away a few days, 8.30 don't be fucking late, don't keep my lads waiting you hear?' His other hand gripped my pussy, 2 fingers in enough to pull me forward, 'we are going to destroy you, your cunt, your ass, your mouth, anywhere we can get our dicks in' he released me, wiped his hand across my stomach and walked out of my house.

Well its currently 7:10 pm i have an hour and 20 mins, i know 1 or 2 of them have arrived, i have seen their cars. I have my clothes ready, a fishnet bodysuit, crotchless panties and nipple chains, i cant wait, i'm so excited. I'll let you all know how it goes tomorrow.

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