My Niece's Son

by Leslie Purdie (Ottawa, Canada)

I got a phone call from my niece who lives about four hours away to ask if her 19-year-old son, Carl, could come stay with me for a few days so he could look around for an apartment or room to stay in while he began his first year of university. I told him that he could and that I would even drive up to her place to pick him up and have a short visit with her and her husband.

I had been separated from my wife at that time for more than six years and was quite comfortable with the "bachelor" lifestyle that I was living. But, this new living arrangement with Carl was only going to be for a few days.

When I arrived at my niece's house, I was surprised to me this young, pretty--not just handsome--son of hers. He was wearing a pair of tennis shorts with a tight white t-shirt and looked so amazing. He was extremely articulate and was quite versatile in topics of conversation. Right away, I knew that I was going to love having him around.

Two days later, we left Kitchener for my home in Ottawa. I knew that he had never travelled very much and was a bit on the naive side. I asked him if he had ever been to Toronto and he said it was only when he was a little boy. I asked him if he would like to stay in Toronto for a day or two to see what the city was all about. He said he would love that.

We took the ramp off Highway 407 to the crowded 401 which would take us right into Toronto. By this time it was around two o'clock in the afternoon and I thought we could stop soon and see some of the sights while it was still light out. I don't remember the exit ramp we took as we neared the city, but right beside the highway was a Comfort Inn. I was very familiar with the chain because I had stayed in their facilities many times before--somewhat cheap, but clean and safe.

I drove under the canopy of the motel and parked the car, went in and registered the two of us. Our appointed room was around the back of the motel and had already been prepped from the previous occupant. We went in, looked around the room, put our luggage down and headed out. We decided to stop at a Wendy's for a quick bite to eat before heading downtown to visit the CN Tower, one of Canada's largest/tallest structures. We did that and decided we'd go back to the motel later and make an agenda of what we wanted to see tomorrow. The stadium where the Blue Jays play, the aquarium adjacent to the statement, the Air Canada Centre where the Toronto Maple Leafs play (even though I despise the Leafs) were some of the sights we wanted to see.

It was close to 7:00 by the time we got back to the Comfort Inn. As soon as we got in the room, I flopped on the bed to relax a bit. He said, "Uncle Leslie, is it okay if I take a shower?" I told him it was okay and that I would jump in right after him. About ten minutes later, he asked me to come to the bathroom and open a small sample size bottle of shampoo for him. Apparently, his hands were too slippery and he couldn't get a grasp on the top.

I went into the bathroom and saw him standing in the shower in all his naked glory He looked absolutely stunning with his six or seven inch cock dangling between his legs. I couldn't stop staring at this fabulous Adonais and I remember so clearly saying, "Holy Fuck! You look absolutely fantastic. What a beautiful body you have!" He said, Thanks, Uncle Leslie. Wanna join me?" It took me no time at all to get rid of my T-shirt, shorts and underwear.

Now this is the part of my story that may seem to be unbelievable to you, the reader. I stepped into the shower and immediately dropped down to my knees and held his cock in my hand right about two inches away from my face. I admired his cock for a few seconds, then without an iota of hesitation, I put it in my mouth and guided the whole thing to the back of my throat. I held onto his ass with both hands and bobbed my head back and forth. Very soon, he held onto my head and helped me get face-fucked for the first time in my life. I loved every second of it, periodically stopping when it felt like I was going to cum but I didn't want to stop sucking him off. The only thing I could think about was that it had been more then fifteen years since I had engaged in a homosexual activity and realized how much I had missed it.

Carl pulled me upright and held his arms around me. We kissed for quite a while--probably only the second time in my life that I had kissed another man. He suggested that we finish cleaning up and go back to the bed. No argument here, Buddy. I was ready for anything he wanted to do--anything.

On the bed, we felt each other up, played with each other's cock, put fingers in each other's anus and gave each other deep, deep blow jobs. I loved being with this boy. He was cute, handsome, well-built, gay (which I now realized what I really wanted in my life), loved ass-play, liked to swallow cum or have it sprayed in his face or on his body and taught me how to accept his cum the same way.

I'm going to exclude other sexual events in which we participated because I'm sure you read about them in many other locations on the 'net. How did this story end Well, he found a place to live not far from the university were I did research. The place???? With me.

We've had so many sexual encounters in my condo. One night, he asked if he could invite a buddy over to watch the hockey game together. I said I had no problem with it at all. While they were watching the game, I was working on my computer in another room. They didn't hear me come back into the TV room but I noticed that Carl's hand had quickly retreated from his friend's thigh and I quickly concluded that they were gay friends. I was okay with that because if I played my cards right I was going to have new adventure--a gay threesome.

Maybe I'll write another true scenario that involved sucking off two guys, rimming each other, getting a cum shower from two guys and what my first experience with getting fucked by one guy while sucking off the other.

Gotta go now. Guess what I have to do :)

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