My Niece

by Mark (England)

It all started because my 22 year old Niece had borrowed two books from me. I as normal spent a few months trying to get her to return them to me and had no joy.

Then one day I got a message from her to say she would be returning them soon. I thought no more about it. It was a Monday evening and I was home alone and I was thinking about how I was going to entertain myself.

After a while I decided I was going to have a good wank. I went and got my laptop and soon found a good movie to watch. I started to strip off and rub my body all over.

I was starting to get a hard cock. I poured some baby oil all over myself and rubbed it into myself my cock was harder and all lubed up.

I started to wank my cock and was getting really excited about cumming when I heard the back door open and there stood m nice. I just stood there with a big hard on a said hi.

My niece said don't let me stop you wanking I love to watch men wanking for me. She walked over to me and said well that won't do you need a good hard cock to wank with and that porn won't help at all.

She closed the laptop and put it on the table. I was still stood completely naked but my cock was getting softer by the second.

My niece started to remove her top and bra to reveal her big tits and she pulled her leggings down and revealed her big saggy belly.

She looked at me and said that is working . It was indeed working my cock was getting hard again. I started to play with myself again and rub my body all over.

She said you better play with my tits and belly as I want so fun. I stopped playing with myself and started to play with her tits and belly.

I sucked her nipples till they were both hard and then I flicked them with my tongue. She began to moan and said I want you to cover me in cum now.

I stood up and straddled her belly so my cock was over her tits. I started to wank my cock and I rubbed my cock on her nipples and tits. I said I'd love a tit wank so she said do it.

I put my cock between her tits and began to fuck them. I started to feel like I was going to cum so I stopped fucking her tits and began wanking my cock.

She said cum all over me so with a few more strokes of my cock I shouted I'm cumming and with that I shot my load all over her face and tits.

She grapped my cock and sucked the rest of the cum off my cock. We cleaned up and got dressed. She said I'm off now but thanks for the show I enjoyed watching you wank.

I said pleased you enjoyed it. She said well next time you want to wank ring me and I'll watch you again.

Until now she has watched me a few times and all I do is ring and say I'm going to wank want to come and watch.

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