My Niece

by Jeremy (Mississippi)

Last Saturday, I invited my niece, Angel to cruise the Gulf Coast as we've usually done the past year. She graduated in May and is set to leave for the Airforce soon. We typically just ride around laughing and joking about anything and everything that sparks our interest.

Now I'm 27 years older than she, but we're like Best Friends. I consider her to be my soulmate, but on a platonic level mind you. She and I have so many alike interest, it's scary. My sister, her mom. Says I will be lost when Angel leaves for the Airforce. Everyone seems to agree. To include me.

She's the only person I truly enjoy spending my time with. Maybe because we laugh so hard when we're together. Plus it doesn't hurt that she is a beautiful young girl that pulls attention to her often. But back to this story. We were heading down the beach HWY 90 which is the coast hwy in our state. We're laughing and cutting up as normal when she out of the blue she says in a questioning why..

"Spit or Swallow?"

I laughed as I looked at her in a confused manner... "Umm.. Swallow.. But only if she wants to.." I replied unsure of a right or wrong answer..

"Ewww! You'd Swallow!? She historically laughs.

"NOOO! I wouldn't! I wouldn't be in that position in the first place!"

"Too Late! You already incriminated yourself." She blurts out.

I was hooked into that one. That's when I reversed it on her. "Okay Miss Goody Two Shoes! Spit or Swallow?"

Without missing a beat Angel replied,

"Not gonna answer that."

"WHAT!? You gotta answer." I argued.

"No, because a lady never kisses and tells.."

I just drove in a state of disappointment not getting the answer I was looking for. Which I really don't know how I would have replied given either answer..

Nonetheless we laughed and continued to cruise around until it got late. It was about 11pm by the time we pulled into my sister and brother in laws driveway. We walked in where my sister was watching TV as she always did when Angel and I came in. I carried my overnight bag and placed it next to the sofa where I was to sleep that evening.

"Well how was your drive?" My sister asked as we plopped down on the sofa. Both exhausted from laughing and cutting up the whole evening. We discussed all the funny things that went on throughout the night's events. As it drew late, Angel went to shower and I waited for my turn. My sister headed off to bed and I fixed my bed up on the sofa for the night.

Angel stepped into the living room in a tshirt that just covered her lower regions. I'm guessing by the shape, she was wearing just panties under the shirt. But I made a point to look unaware of her attire.

"I'm done, your turn." She tells me.

I grabbed my bag and walked into the bathroom. It was all steamed up from Angel showering before me. As I closed the door and locked it, I turned to see a pair of panties laying on the counter. I had no control, I went straight to picking them up and examined them. I could see these were freshly worn, with just a hint on wetness in the cotton gusset. That's when I saw it.


It was written on a small piece of paper that the panties were laying on. I was in Shock and aroused all in one moment.. She had not only answered my question, but she made a note to leave it under her worn panties in the chance I would pick them up.

And Yes, I gave her panties a huge sniff.. The faint scent of her most private parts were still embedded in the cotton. As well as having be still wet from her body pressing tightly against the fabric. I immediately got hard and wasted no time in beating one out as I stood in from of the mirror. After, I showered and got my shorts and tshirt on. I left the bathroom and left the panties in the same location I had found them. But I took the little message she left.

About 15 minutes passed before I heard Angel's door open and heard her steps walking toward the bathroom. Then she returned to her room right after.

"Did she go in after me to check to see if I had seen her Note?"

She had to of gone back to see. But I wasn't sure, I just laid there wondering. I wondered if she knew I had Jack off with her panties pressed to my face? No, she was just replying to my question without really thinking I would even move her undies from the counter. Yeah, that's what I'm thinking.. Soon after I guess I had drifted out to sleep.

Between falling asleep and morning, I was awakened by a soft voice whispering in my ear, "Uncle Jeremy...." "Uncle Jeremy.. Are up awake?"

At first I was a little confused as I was trying to figure out if I was awake or dreaming. But it came to be that I was indeed awake, and Angel was leaning over the top of me whispering for me to wake up.

"What are you doing?" I asked her..

"Shhhh, not so loud?" Angel said in a hushed voice.

"Sorry... What are you doing?" I whispered to her as I began to awaken more.

"I want to give you something." She says

"Give me something..? What's that?"

That's when Angel reaches over me and pulls the covers I was in down, exposing me in my shorts and tshirt. As I lay motionless trying to process what was happening, Angel stands and lifts her leg up and over my hips. Through the faint light in the living room I see up under her shirt to see her wearing light colored panties. In the darkness I could only make out that they were white or light blue in color.

As she straddles my hips, I felt her weight bear down on me as she pulled the cover up and over her own body.

"Angel.. What are you doing?" I asked again. This time in a protesting manner.

As the blanket fell atop us, I felt Angel reaching down between our bodies that were pressing against each other.

"Pull your shorts down." She orders

I wasn't in any logical state of thought. I just reached down and pulled down my shorts. My bare skin touched her spread form as she held her panties to the side.

"I want you to have me before I leave to the Airforce, and this is the best opportunity to do so."

I felt her smooth soft folds engulf me as we joined for the very first time in such an intimate way. In a matter of seconds we were in a perfect rhythm together. I held her tightly as she leaned into me and softly breathe into my ear as we made love.

"I Love You Uncle Jeremy.."

Without much else to say I replied, "I Love You Too.." We began kissing passionately as we continued our love making.

I couldn't hold back any longer and started blasting surges of cum deep inside my niece's welcoming body.

"Did you cum inside me..?" She whispers to me.

"Yeah, I couldn't resist it.."

With a soft laugh she replies, "Well I was gonna show you how I swallow.."

We softly laughed and she lifted up and climbed out of the blanket. As she stood, she lends down and kissed me.

"I love you Uncle Jeremy..." and then walked back to her room..

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