My Niece

by Lord (Texas, US)

I have been following the physical change of my hardly teen niece, for the last one year or so. She was slim and tall with modest pair of tits and her ass was growing to a nice firm shape. She realized my gaze while passing across me but enjoy when I watch her. She did not mind this old man of 60+ paying so much attention to her body.

She once came from college, ran to her room, changed and then returned to sit beside me on the couch with a can of cold coke. Her parents were yet to return from their work. She leaned to put the can on the floor. I glimpsed through her thin cotton blouse - no bra, and two upper buttons of her blouse were open. I saw the cutest little tits with pink dots of nips. Surely she followed my guess and smiled.

She was now playing with me and whispered: do you like what you saw? My small tits, do you think so? I just said: I love small tits and you will have more soon with increasing age. She got a little embarrassed but pleased and looked down to her tits trough the opening of her blouse. I continued: don’t tell anyone I said so, but I think they are beautiful indeed.

Since this incidence she became freer with me – at least there was someone with whom she could share her thought in confidence. She also gave me opportunities to look at her tits when no one was around or we were alone in the house when she used to leave her blouse unbuttoned at the top. She loved the attention as I paid to her. Within a few weeks she would reach for her tits to squeeze them seductively in front me. Surely, this brought me hard-on that was hardly unnoticed by her!

One morning as soon as her parents left for work, she asked me to come in her bedroom. She knew that her parents would not return before 5 pm. She took me by her hand and kissed my cheek lightly. First I did not reciprocate but then she kissed me on the mouth for brief moments.

This time I kissed her back and tried to probe her tongue by mine. She pushed me back and now I was lying facing her and she felt my hard-on pushing through my short. She straddled me on my waist and took off her blouse revealing her exquisite body and firm pair of perky boobs before me. Her tits were just below my face and I could even see those bluish veins around them.

The nips got pointed and puffy. She smelled good. She smiled in an erotic way which sent my blood running fast all through my body. We both smiled. She said: you love my tits, I know. I could only reply: OMG! Yes… and she leaned closer to me so that I could kiss her nips.

She said quietly… : play with my tits and brought her tits very close to my face. My hands reached up to her gorgeous firm pair of boobs. Her eyes closed as she started rocking back and forth on my tummy. I could feel her dampness of her pussy against my body. I gently played with her nipples and she moaned quietly.

I pulled her to me and I started sucking on her tits. She began to breathe hard and kept rocking her pussy on my tummy. My hands came up to hold her tits tight now as I sucked on them deep. Now she started moaning. She slid down to my torso so that her pussy was right on my throbbing cock. I took out my throbbing cock out of my short by lowering it down and laid my erect cock on my abdomen.

She jumped a little and gasped as it came in contact of her pussy. Now her wet warm pussy was on my cock. I reached down by my hand to feel her pussy lips, separated them with my fingers to lodge my cock between them. Now she was able to slide her wet juice flowing pussy along my hard cock. I could adjust my cock a bit to enter her but thought otherwise.

There would be enough time later on – let her masturbate this way – sliding my cock in between her pussy lips while I played with her tits to my satisfaction... and she was enjoying her sliding fuck. She seemed to be still virgin, other -wise she would have taken my hard cock into her fuck-ready cunt.

She speeded up her sliding motion along my cock and moaning and kept on moaning as the tip of my cock hit her clit... she was working up to climax and I was too going to cum and soon. She opened her legs wider to lodge hard my cock between pussy lips. He body began to tremble and I shot a big load hitting her clit.

She shuddered and moaned loud. She stiffened her body up and moaned a long moan, then collapsed on me. She still moved her pussy slightly back and forth on my all slippery cock as I continued to kiss her mouth. Did you like my pussy? She asked. I kissed her deep in reply.

We laid there in this way till my cock went soft. I was just contemplating – this girl is going to be a good sex slut soon but I am not in rush to take her virginity. I want to make her a woman first … I am a pussy lover, pussy worshipper and a pussy eater. I am going to teach her the erotic charm of pussy pleasure. Before that I want to have more of her tits and her of my cock!

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