My Nice Step Dad

by Anonymous (Sunny California)

I read a lot about bad experiences with step dads but my step dad was nice. He and my mother married when I was 16 and we had a happy family.

Mom worked nights so my step dad Dave and I played video games and hung out together. When I turned 18 Dave got curious about my body.

He was always rubbing my tits on accident or walking the hallway with his hard penis sticking out his underwear hole.

I had seen penises before and sucked a few but his was massive. I kept fantasizing about jacking it and swallowing the sperm.

Mom announced that she was going to do an all nighter at the patients house got extra money and that me and Dave were on our own for dinner.

We laughed and agreed to get pizza then mom left. I wanted Dave to come after me so I put on a short nightgown with no underwear.

My nipples were hard and I bent over the couch to get the remote opening my wet slit to his view.

I could see the erection beginning and was shocked when Dave pulled me down and forced my mouth to his cock.

I was sucking as soon as my mouth made contact with his hard on. Dave slipped two fingers in my open wet slit and worked them until I was sucking hard and bucking at his fingers.

He pulled me up and slid me down on his hard cock forcing a scream from my mouth that could have waked the dead.

I was a not a virgin but that Dick was twice the size of any of the dicks I had. Once I got over the shock it started to feel good.

Dave and I fucked for so long we were both exhausted when it was finally over.

We rushed to clean up and dress appropriately in case someone showed up to the house, especially one of Dave’s friends. We couldn’t afford to get caught.

From that first encounter until now I was hooked. We snuck in the basement, made excuses to go to the store and on nights mom worked we fucked like dogs in heat.

We never made love it was lust and we couldn’t get enough of each other. Mom and Dave are still married.

I like to think I keep them together because Dave is satisfied and doesn’t need to stray.

I live on my own now and have a baby on the way. Yes Dave and I will be parents and no one will ever know.

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