My new Sugar Daddy and me

by Anonymous

My name is an i m 19 and in collage, i m 5' 6 slim build 32 c tits. i m a struggling student financially in collage and i decided to get a sugar daddy.

So i looked around and finally found a very well to do black man who decided to take a liking to me.

He invited me to his place one day to get to know me ,so i dressed for it in a short black dress and thigh highs with no panties or bra.

I went to his place and he let me in he had a really nice home, he had no wife or kids.

We sat down on the sofa with a drink and discussed things and he told me how beautiful i looked and he wanted to know about me and collage so i told him how I was always struggling with money and he smiled and asked me what i was willing to do for it.

I smiled and said anything he wanted me to do anytime he wanted to for is help, he smiled and put his hand on my thigh and said anything and i smiled and said of course as i kissed him.

I felt his hand go under my dress as we kissed and i parted my thighs as he began to play with my pussy, soon i was wet and i smiled as i got on my knees in front of him and slid his zipper down and i pulled out his huge 11" dick and started sucking it.

I got him hard and he stood up and helped me to unzip my dress and he got undress as i did also.

He ate my pussy and then had me get on my hands and knees. he got behind me and started to slide his huge dick slowly into my tight pussy i felt him going deeper and past my cervix and then he was all into me.

He said to me that after he fucked me i would be his sugar baby and sex slave and i was to do whatever he wanted when he wanted it and i looked back at him and said yes.

He started fucking me slowly at first then a little faster then i felt his big dick swell as he pushed deep inside of me and he unloaded a huge load of hot sperm inside of my pussy filling me up.

After he pulled out he slid his dick to my asshole and started pushing it into my virgin ass i said i was a virgin there to him as he kept going into me slowly i felt his dick going deep into my bowls and he started fucking me until he shot a hot load in my ass.

After he pulled out i laid down tired and he smiled at me and said that i was to come over at least 4 times a week and be ready for anything.

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