My New Step Uncle

by Anonymous

My mom just recently remarried to a very nice man who is my stepdad now and his youngest brother couldn't t be at the wedding because of his work, so he had some time off and came to see us.

I'm 18 and very well built for my age with 28 d size tits and a great body with red hair. when i came home from school he was there and my step dad introduced him to me.

I couldn't t believe how handsome he was and that he was only 6 years older than me. we hit it off really well and chatted well into the evening, we all went to bed that night and got some sleep.

The next day my mom and step dad asked me to show him around and miss school and i agreed.

So i got dressed in shorts and a top and we went in his car and started out i showed him some of the sites around and stuff and finally he asked if we could take a quiet walk some where and showed him a place and we walked a bit in the woods and finally he stopped and said he had to pee and around a tree he went as i waited i wondered and peeked around and i seen his huge dick it looked like it was at least 10".

He spotted me looking and smiled and asked me over after he was done and asked me to get on my knees i couldn't t resist i did and soon i started sucking his dick i sucked him until he cum in my mouth and i swallowed it all and stood up.

He smiled and had me take off my shorts and aske me to lean forward onto a tree so i did he started to push his huge dick into my pussy from behind filling me up as i moaned and soon he was fucking me and i i loved it alot he kept going until he filled my pussy up with his sperm, it felt so good in me. after he pulled out he asked if i liked it and i said yes and that he can fuck me anytime as i smiled.

We went home and we took turns showering . the next day my parents left and said they would be back the next day, my uncle came to my bedroom as i was changing and i was only in my panties as i felt him from behind slide his hand into my panties and he played with my shaved pussy.

I was wet and he whispered in my ear he wanted to fuck my ass also and i agreed soon we both were naked i sucked his dick hard and i laid on my stomach as he pushed his cock slowly in my ass it hurt but i was ok with it soon i was ok and he started fucking my ass until he cum and he laid down next to me .

Once we rested i sucked his dick and straddled him and i slide down his cock and i rode it till i felt his hot sperm shooting deep inside of me and i laid down on top of him. We chatted about me going to his home in the summer and having more fun.

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