My New Mother-in-Law Part 2

by Bubbawubba (Texas)

I woke up that first morning after Nancy had left for school. My cock was rock hard and I needed my morning fuck. I jacked off to try to get things under control before seeing her mom at breakfast. But even after cumming, my cock was still rigid. I took a cold shower, jacked off again and finally got it to soften some. It was still about 8 inches long and very fat but I figured that would do.

I guess having finally been able to let my sexual desires loose that week of the honeymoon lowered my libido even more because when I got out of the shower instead of getting dressed, I just put my pajama bottoms back on. My cock bulge was very visible but I had this urge to just see how my new mother-in-law would react.

I walked into the kitchen. Maryann was sitting at the table in her bathrobe. This was a good sign, she had never dressed so casually in front of me before. Her big titties were really visible bulging under the robe and a fair amount of cleavage was visible. I could feel my cock stirring. She looked up, directly at my dick bulge and gasped.

“I see you are being very casual around the house now,” she said.

“Yes, since we are all family now, I figured you wouldn’t mind if I was comfortable,” I said. I sat down next to her at the table.

“Nancy tells me you had quite a honeymoon,” she said.

“It was pretty incredible” I said.

“You know she tells me everything about you two” she said.

“Oh really” I said.

“She said you wore her out. That you have a powerful sexual appetite” she said “from the time you get up and all day until you’re finally asleep”.

I could feel my cock beginning to grow down the leg of my pajamas. “Wow, she tells you everything?” I asked.

“Oh yes” she said “And it seems you are still getting aroused even now sitting here with me.”

“Well, I guess she told you that I woke up needing sex every morning. Today is no different but Nancy is not here” I said.

“Well, the least you could do is ‘take care of that’ before you came down to breakfast” she said.

“Oh I tried, twice, and even took a cold shower” I said.

“I see, I know you young men have a difficult time controlling those urges” she said.

“Nancy told me that it happened so frequently that if she were not ready, you would pleasure yourself in front of her” she said.

“Yes that’s true”, I said.

“That must have been something to see” she said. “You even told Nancy that you had more satisfying orgasms when you masturbated with her watching than by yourself.”

“That is also true” I said. My cock was now at its full 11 inches and pushing against the cloth of my pajamas.

“I suppose since you couldn’t ‘take care of things’ earlier that you need to do something like that now here in front of me” she said.

“That would be most satisfying” I said.

“You realize that would be very naughty and I must tell you that I would find it very unsettling, but I know how you men get when your hormones are raging”, she said “so I suppose there is nothing I can do to stop you from satisfying your sexual needs, is there?”

I couldn’t believe it. I had been masturbating to fantasies of being naked in front of Nancy’s mom since I had first met her years ago. And here she was basically giving me permission to do whatever I wanted.

“I don’t think so.” I said. “I’m so hard right now I’m afraid I’m going to have to do something very naughty right now.”

“Well, if you insist, I certainly can’t stop you” she said.

With that I stood up and slid my pajamas down slowly exposing the full length of my throbbing, vein covered cock until they reaching the glans and then my cock sprung free bouncing up and down in front of her face.

She gasped and jumped back. “Nancy said it was huge, but I never thought it would be so big” she gasped.

I began to stroke my aching cock.

“So you are just going to stand there in front of your mother-in-law manipulating your penis like that?” she asked.

“Yes” I moaned.

“You are such a naughty boy, I can’t believe you are doing this. Forcing me to look at your huge erection like this”, she said.

“I’m sorry, but it is so erotic for me I can’t stop. You are making me so hard” I said.

It didn’t take long for the pent up sexual energy to peak and I released a huge load of cum. I shot stream after long thick stream. Some of my cum splattered on her robe right over her big titties.

“Oh” she exclaimed jumping back.

“I’ve never seen a man ejaculate so much before” she gasped. “You’ve made such a mess, and on my robe too, I hope this semen doesn’t make a stain.”

I apologized.

“I know you can’t help yourself. But still all the same, you were very naughty and very messy. Let’s get cleaned up and dressed, there are some pictures I want to hang. I need you to help me”, she said.

I went to my room and put on a t-shirt and some nylon shorts that were not knee length. I did not wear underwear to allow my dick and balls plenty of freedom. I walked into the living room with my swinging cock clearly visible beneath the thin material. I put on a tool belt that was there. Maryann was wearing an extra large old stained t-shirt that fell off one shoulder and old jeans. There was no bra strap. You could see her huge melons jiggling under the shirt. Her nipples were visible. She saw my dick moving under the shorts and said “Well don’t you look comfortable.” “I like your outfit too,” I said, “At least it won’t hurt if it gets semen squirted on it.” she replied. “Good idea” I said “that seems pretty likely.”

We hung pictures for a while. I had to climb a ladder to do some and Maryann would hand me the pictures. It put my dick right about level with her face. Just as I expected, the situation was just too perfect for some sexual activity. I started getting hard. The shorts were completely inadequate to hide anything. My dick became completely rigid.

My throbbing cock pushed the material back and soon my cock head and balls were fully exposed. It was twitching and throbbing with my heartbeat as pre-cum dripped from my pee slit. Maryann looked up and it was right in her face. “Really, can’t you exhibit a little more self control than this?”, she asked. “I’m sorry it has a mind of its own”, I replied. “It’s hardly worth even having those shorts on, is it?”, she remarked. “Well to be perfectly honest with you, I have fantasies of being naked in front of you when I masturbate sometimes”, I said.

Her face flushed red. “Oh my, that is particularly naughty. It looks like your sex dream is coming true, you might as well just be naked right now from what I can see”, she said. I said “That sounds like a good idea to me.” I got down off the ladder and removed my shirt and shorts. I was completely naked. I put the tool belt back on. “ I’m sure there are a lot of women that would find the sight of you delightful. I suppose now you are going to masturbate again?” she asked.

I stepped up on the ladder and faced her and began stroking my swollen cock. “I should step out of the way but I suppose that would ruin your little fantasy of ejaculating on me wouldn’t it?” She said. “Yes it would”, I smiled. “You are such a naughty boy”, she said and then squealed as I showered her with cum.

When my squirting had abated she looked up and said “I am covered with your semen. You have released at least four times this morning and yet you still produce so much and your penis looks perfectly rigid still.” she said. “You can feel how hard it is if you like”, I said. “Oh you’d like for me to touch it wouldn’t you?”she said. “Oh yes please just this once”, I said. “Well I’m sure you are going to keep pestering me about it until I do”, she said. Then she reached out and gingerly began running her finger tips around the glans on my swollen cock head the gently tracing the swollen engorged veins. “Oh my”, she said to herself. She wrapped her fingers around my mid cock shaft. Her fingers could only encircle my girth about half way. “It’s so thick” she said to herself “how does Nancy manage to take all this?” Then she exclaimed “you’re as hard as steel!!”

“There that is not so bad is it?” I asked. “You’re tempting me with your horse sized manhood. I’m being so naughty,” she said. “But you are still touching it”, I said. “I must stop, but I can’t”, she said dreamily. “There is one more favor I must ask” I said. “ Oh God, what is it”, she asked. “One more fantasy I have about you....”, I said. “What is it?” She asked. “You show me your big, beautiful titties and I squirt cum on them”, I said.

“Oh God, this is so wrong I don’t know why I’m doing it but I can’t seem to say no to you”, she said and with that she removed her t-shirt and exposed her huge heaving breasts.” My cock surged with blood as it tried to get harder. “Oh God, now I’m speechless" I said as I pumped my cock furiously. I shot my biggest load of the day all over her great big tittes.

“Nancy will be home soon,” Maryann said.

“You have just enough time before she gets here to come to the bathroom and jack off one more time while you watch me wash your cum off myself”, she said.

I followed obediently.

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