My New Mother-in-Law Part 1

by Bubbawubba (Texas)

I met Nancy when I was in my second year at the local college in town and living at home. I was 19 years old and was the possessor of a very thick 11 inch long cock. She was in 9th grade and just turned 15 years old. She lived alone with her mom.

Her dad had passed away when she was very young and her mom, Maryann, never re-married. She was raised a good Catholic girl. She had a very sweet personality. Her mom was a very proper and polite lady.

Nancy and I connected quickly on every level social, emotional, personality etc. but there was also a very strong sexual dynamic. The first time I saw her, before I even spoke to her or knew her name I was immediately captivated by her physical attributes. She was a little on the short side, had a beautiful face with waist long jet black hair.

She had a very cute, trim figure but the thing that really caught my attention were her big, beautiful round breasts. Even at 15, she was sporting 36 D boobs and I was a sucker for them. Though she seemed very sweet on the surface, there was a powerful sexual curiosity beneath.

I think it was caused by two things: an Electra complex from growing up with no male influence in her life that caused her to crave the attention of older guys and an awareness of her sexuality at a very young age (she began developing breasts at age 9 and was well aware of guys’ stares). She learned quickly what power those breasts gave her over men.

She saw the bulging crotches of guys who were turned on by her huge boobs and became very curious about what was between men’s legs. By 15 when I met her, she had these dual natures, this sweet innocent proper girl on the surface but a dick freak on the inside that knew her big titties could provide the means to see a hard cock that she was so curious about.

I met her by accident while going to a mini mart near her home. I was coming home from the beach with my surfboard on my car and was airing up my tires. She walked up and started a conversation about how much she wanted to learn to surf. She was wearing a tank top that showed a lot of cleavage.

She showed this unusual curiosity about the tire I was inflating and she bent over to inspect it. Her big tits almost fell out of her top. I was caught off guard and stared openly at the beautiful sight before me as my cock began to stiffen in my cut offs. She looked up at first directly at the growing bulge in my shorts inches from her face and then up at me. She caught me staring at her tits and just gave me a big knowing smile. She asked me if I would teach her how to surf. We made a date right there to go to the beach a few days later.

When I picked her up she was wearing a t-shirt and shorts over a bikini. I had a t-shirt with cutoff shorts and no underwear. The shorts were cut almost to the knee. I had learned as a young teen to keep the leg of my shorts long so my hardened dick wouldn’t stick out of the leg hole. I asked her which beach she wanted to go to. She immediately named a spot I knew very well. It was outside any city limits, very secluded. The local cops never patrolled there so it had a reputation as a place you could go to drink underage, smoke pot, even swim and sunbathe nude without any repercussions. When she named the spot I knew something was up.

When we got there I parked in an area behind a dune that gave us plenty of privacy, as I spread the blanket she took off her t-shirt and shorts revealing this very small red bikini that barely could contain her big jugs. My cock began to stiffen and grown down the leg of my shorts. She stared at it and smiled.

Then she asked me if I would like it if she took her top off. I had to pinch myself. This was like a dream come true. I immediately said sure.

She reached back and undid her top releasing her beautiful titties. They were so perfect, so round, with big pink areolas that were puffy signifying they weren’t done growing yet.

I ogled those beauties and she relished the attention and displayed them proudly to me. My cock was fully rigid and straining at the fabric of my shorts reaching almost to my knee. She remarked how large the bulge in my shorts was. I asked her if she would like me to take my shorts off. She said yes and when I did my rigid cock sprang straight out. She gasped and commented on what a large penis I had.

From that day forward she was always so sweet and innocent around our friends and her mom but as soon as we were alone she would find ways to draw my attention to her titles, get me hard and then play with my rigid cock.

She used the language her mom taught her, words like penis, erection, ejaculate, semen, never course vulgar terms. For some reason hearing her speak so politely while aggressively handling my throbbing meat just got me that much harder. But she told me right up front that we could not have sex. That had to be saved for marriage. That’s just the way her mom raised her.

This brings me to her mom, Maryann. She was 37 but looked younger. She was as beautiful as her daughter and had even bigger titties. I could see where Nancy got her figure.I would get so hard when I visited their home. Nancy wasn’t the only one who made me hard. I often caught myself staring at her mom’s big knockers and wondering what she would look like naked.

I would try to hide my excitement, but it was difficult to conceal a cock that was 11 inches long and 8 inches around. I caught her mom checking my bulge out on more than one occasion. What I didn’t know at the time was that Nancy and her mom were like girlfriends and shared all their secrets. Nancy had told her mom that she was guarding her virginity but she told her most of the details of how hung I was.

We dated until Nancy graduated from high school. She decided to attend the same local college where I was now a senior. We got married as soon as we could. We decided to live at her mom’s place until we finished school and her mom was very happy to accommodate.

After all those years of her teasing me, I was looking forward to finally getting to fuck Nancy’s hot little pussy. We had a week long honeymoon and fucked like rabbits. I stayed hard almost constantly the entire week. Nancy was wild for my cock and couldn’t get enough. I’d wake up hard each morning and we’d start each day with the first of many fucks. We returned from the honeymoon and Nancy had to start classes the very next day. I still had a week off so I planned to just hang around the house that week.

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