My New Gym and Spa

by Anonymous

I decided to join a gym to stay in shape I’m 25 always was in shape with nice firm tits and all , so i found out when i joined that they had a spa there as well that included a steam room and i could also get massages when i wanted to for my membership i was happy about it.

I was to find out that that was more and i would really love this place more. One Saturday afternoon i decided to go and work out a little so i went there wearing my spandex shorts and sports bra and i worked out some.

I had been going there for a couple weeks, and i decided to treat myself to a massage and maybe a seam room visit, so i asked if they had some time for me to get a massage and the girl said yes and led me to a room and asked me to undress as she handed me a towel.

I got undressed and laid face down on the table and put the towel on my butt. Soon a fit black man came in with some oil and smiled as he started massaging my back slowly applying the oil as needed i was really getting relaxed, he soon was working on the small of my back and i soon felt the tension leave me.

He gently removed the towel and he oiled my ass cheeks a little and massaged them and then i felt him oil my ass crack some and it pooled a little at my asshole and he slowly worked it and then he whispered for me to relax as he slowly worked some of the pooled oil into my ass with his finger it felt good as he pushed deeper into me and i moaned a little and soon he worked own the back of my legs and had me roll over.

After i did i opened my legs a little as he noticed my shaved pussy and he massaged my legs until he got to my pussy ,then i gently spread slightly wider and he put some oil in my lower stomach and gently massaged over my pussy and massaged my clitty i was wet as he finished massaging me.

He smiled as he stood next to my head and looked down and asked how i felt and i smiled and said great, i could see a bulge in his pants and i smiled as he unzipped his pants and he pulled it out and it was the biggest cock I’ve ever seen.

It was 11"and he lowly slid it up to my mouth as i opened it and slid it in and he slowly face fucked me with it and soon he slid it about halfway in to my mouth and started cummimg and i drank his sperm down it was hot and after he finished he was still hard.

He smiled as he went down to the other end of the table and i spread my legs as he slid his pants down and he pulled me down to the end and he smiled a he started to slide his dick slowly into me as he did it glided in easily and soon i felt him deep inside of my cervix.

As he started fucking me i moaned a little wanting him inside of me and he kept fucking me and soon he smiled down at me as he pushed forward and then i felt his hot sperm filling my cervix up, after he finished he slowly pulled out and had me roll over.

He put some oil on his hard dick and started to slide it into my waiting ass and he soon was filling it and i felt him deep inside as he fucked me and he soon unloaded his hot sperm again inside of me as i loved it he pulled out. He smiled after i rolled over and said that this also came with the membership i laid there smiling and he said that should try the steam room to as he winked.

Soon i felt his sperm leaking out of me and i went and showered. After i showered i decide to wrap the towel around me and check out the steam room ,i went in and there were two guys about my age sitting there enjoying it and i sat on the bench near them and soon we were talking about some stuff and they joined me sitting on either side of me.

It felt nice in there and we were all a little wet from the room ,one of them smiled as he was talking to me and i felt him slide his hand down on my thigh as he kissed me and he soon was fingering my we pussy as his friend undone my towel and they had me lay down on the bench on my towel and he spread my legs wide as he took off his towel.

He had a nice 8"dick and soon he slid it into me and started fucking me laying there i didn’t resist it felt great as his friend watched he soon smiled as i felt him shoot a huge load of his hot sperm deep inside of my pussy.

As i laid there it felt great and after he pulled out his friend had me lay on my stomach and soon he was fucking my ass i could feel his 8"dick pumping in and out and then he pushed deep and unloaded his hot sperm inside of me and pulled out, I laid there happy and knew i would be here more often now and enjoying my membership.

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