My New Flat

by Bryn (Cheshire, UK)

I was delighted with my new flat and it took me week to arrange my furniture to my own liking, living room, bedroom, bathroom and galley kitchen.

Of course my mum had to put her two pence worth in, fussing and primping curtains and drapes, folding bedding and my wardrobe contents, she meant well but I was glad when she left me to my own devices. Of course she started dropping in each Sunday to bring me a plated up home cooked roast dinner.

My doting mum also took care of my laundry, insisting that young men didn't look after themselves properly, so, clean bed sheets, shirts, tee shirts, apple catchers, socks the look were always clean and smelling good. Some Sundays mum would stay till late and we'd drink a bottle or two of wine.

In spite her being my mum, I began to see her as simply another woman and very attractive one at that, good looking, nice body (what could see of it) quite a big bosom, and a nice round bum that stretched her leggings temptingly.

It was perverse to look at her that way but some nights in bed I conjured up images of mum naked and disporting herself obscenely and causing me to wank myself off vigorously resulting in spunk stained sheets which mum more than likely noticed.

It was after several months had passed when things went a bit crazy, fantastic but crazy. Mum was making her usual Sunday visit and was putting my clean laundry away when she announced that she intended staying overnight as dad was away with his mates on their Golfing jaunt.

I was jolted to say the least and pointed out that there was only my bedroom and my single bed so that was a problem. Mum airily dismissed that but saying that she had no doubt there was enough room for girlfriends to share my bed, no doubt, so there was no problem with her and me sharing.

I had my doubts but it seemed the Die was cast but when it came to us going to bed, it was mum who led the dance....

“I think we should undress together, darling, it will save any hesitancy." saying this mum undid her skirt and let it around her feel. She was wearing a pair of wide leg French knickers, nylon, Turquoise in colour and wide black lace trim.

I responded by letting my jeans drop, leaving me in my white cotton briefs, Mum and I just looked at each other wordlessly, she pulled her top over her head as I tore off my Tee Shirt. There we both were, clad only in our undies and I for the first time saw my mum as a very desirable woman, her full bosom barely contained in her matching brassiere. Thus half naked we climbed into bed.....

"Please remember, darling, I am your mother, not some bimbo for you to toy with, so banish any nefarious thoughts or intentions away, OK sweetie?

All I could do was whisper a Yes mum, and pray sleep would come before I did because my dick was starting to thicken, more so because I could smell mums body and feel her warmth.

My mum normally goes out like alight so when her breathing became shallow I daringly but a warm hand on the swell of her brassiere tit savoring it smoothness and warmth, even feeling her nipple which appeared to thicken.

When mum didn't stir but my cock did, I slid my fingers down her chest to her smooth warm belly and onto the soft nylon of her wide leg French knickers, again mum didn't stir but slumbered on oblivious to my incestuous fumbling and intent.

When mum eventually moved it was into the recovery position which gave access to her arse and pussy. By now my poor dick was an iron hard monster, weeping copious precum freely at each throb.

I put my hand gently on the incredibly soft inside of mum’s thigh and moved it along till I could feel where the fabric of mums knickers were drawn into the cleft of her sumptuous soft arse and presumably her pussy.

I took a chance and fingered mum as best I could, the heat between her legs was amazing and I felt an overwhelming urge to sexually invade my mothers arse hole or cunt, I sort of felt a hot surge of sensuous pleasure overtake me.....I orgasm helplessly spouting warm sticky spunk in my briefs.

End of part 1

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