My New Fantasy

by Tom (Illinois)

I love playing with my naked body parts with the main objective of busting a big load of yummy creamy cum to eat. I am an exhibitionist and voyeur all wrapped up in one.

Just about three weeks ago I was watching some amateur porn videos. It was people getting off in department store fitting rooms. I could not stop watching the scenes and the more I watched the harder my cock got.

There were solo male solo females man on man women on women man and woman couples. Straight sex masturbation anal sex blowjobs mutual masturbation you imagine it and it happened all right in public in a changing room.

After seeing this I knew right then and there that I had to try this. Every time I passed up a dressing room my cock got rock hard. I was still a little skeptical about the whole thing. I wanted to do it and I wanted to get caught but I did not want to get arrested.

So a couple of days ago I was in the local Target and decided to take the plunge. I hadn’t cum in about three days and was definitely horny. The thing that I noticed about their dressing rooms was the lack of a hard door. They had a curtain that slid back and forth for privacy. I grabbed a couple pair of pants to try on just to make it look official.

I did not have any underwear on so my erection was pushing against my pants wanting to be freed from its restraints. I walked past a guy and it was obvious to him that my cock was making a tent pole in my pants. He looked down at my crotch looked up at me and smiled.

When I got behind the curtain I couldn’t get naked fast enough. My anxious dick was pulsing up and down back and forth demanding satisfaction immediately. I started off by pulling on my extra large extra hard nipples until precum was leaking from my piss slit.

The two mirrors in the booth really turned me own giving me visibility of my puckered rose bud asshole that was pulsing in and out with each stroke of my cock. I was doing my best to keep the moaning and groaning down. I knew that orgasm would be quick and could feel the pressure building.

The next thing I knew the curtain was opening and the guy I saw in the men’s department was in the booth with me. The first words out of his mouth were can I help you with that. Oh hell yes was all I could muster.

He dropped his pants and totally disrobed and was standing in front of me his raging erection just inches away from my open mouth. He reached down grabbed my cock and started jacking me off. I was on top of the world it felt so damn good.

He leaned forward and I took the glistening head of his prick into my warm wet mouth and started sucking and pulling its entire length while I gently caressed his ball sack. He was pulling my cock just like I would and my cum was stirring in my balls aching for release.

He asked me if I wanted to take his load or if I wanted him to pull out and cum on me. I just kept sucking away and he said I guess that’s a yes. I could taste his yummy precum and knew my creamy treat was soon to be delivered to my cum hungry mouth.

I couldn’t hold back anymore and I felt the first spurt of my cum splash up above my navel. Then 4 more spurts of warm sticky man milk hit me until I could feel it running down to my groin making my balls wet and sticky.

He started bucking against my face and his balls tightened up as he shot his warm seed into my grateful mouth. Totally delicious salty sweet warm sticky and creamy. I swallowed every last drop and licked his piss slit clean.

Then I finally started recollecting where we were. He told me thanks it was so much fun and he wanted to do this when he saw my bulging crotch in the men’s department. He was hoping for the outcome we had. He got dressed and left me.

I started collecting the wet sticky globs of my cum and licking them off my fingers until I was reasonably clean. I knew at this moment this was the first time but many others would follow.

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