My Neighbour

by Stewart (England)

I was at the time twenty four years old I worked away and lived with my parents. I had got to chatting with my neighbour John and wife Sue he was twenty eight and she was twenty five. I had known them for about three years and the three of us would go to the pub sometimes usually Sundays and odd evenings.

Sue was an avid sun bather so in the sunny days would layout in her garden she wore skimpy bikinis and her body was jaw dropping lovely firm tits blonde hair to her shoulders. She was very friendly but did not flirt when John was about as he was very jealous of men looking at her and even made sure the garden was not overlooked except from our first floor. I had on a number of times had a wank watching her.

I had been away for work so on this particular Monday I was back and having a week off. It was a very warm day so with just shorts on I sat down to read a book and could here Sue setting up on her sun bed. She must have heard me because she called out hello and would have known my parents and sister were all at work.

I went over to fence where we would speak at times and she was stood just visible. Hi she said again and my eyes focused on her with a micro black bikini the thong type bottom left nothing but pure sex desire with me and her top was only just covering her nipples.

She asked how my work trip had gone and I said fine and was now off for a week, she then surprised me by saying John was gone on a course for a week would I like to come around for a coffee, I did not need asking twice. I went round and into rear garden. She looked even better close up and we went for a cold drink before sitting and chatting.

The conversation went from casual things to what I had planned. She even said it was nice to be friendly whilst John was not around as he would not be happy if she flirted with me. I smiled and said yes agreed with that she then said would I help her by rubbing in some sun cream on her back.

Sue sat with her back to me on my lounger and I started with her shoulders and downward I by then had a very stiff cock and being large in that area it was impossible to hide. I then said was she OK and could I undo her top straps she said of course to my surprise she just took her top off and I completed her back before asking did she want to swing around for the front.

She did not say anything but swiveled around her tits very firm and nipples rock hard she was well turned on. Her eyes went to my bulge as I started on her front, My fingers brushed her nipples when she gasped and said how good I was. On completion down to her waist she stood up at just pushed her thong to the floor showing her clit lips very wet and my hands worked her cream and my thumb brushed her pussy lips and into her clit with a gasp and that is good comment.

She stood back and leaned forward placing her hand on my rock hard cock. My you are large she said and suggested I remove my shorts. I did it right away she lowered her head before starting to lick and suck my cock. She then said it might be sensible to go inside. We went straight to her bed when she said right out please fuck me I am on pill and would like you to cum inside me.

I laid on her bed as she slow sunk onto my cock pleading me to fuck her. She slowly moved up and down my shaft before starting to shake as her body was ready to orgasm. I felt her muscles grip me at the same time as I could wait no longer and released a great gush of hot cum deep inside her. She released her grip and my tongue went to work on her nipples for a while I played with her she kept stroking my cock back to full erection ready for me to mount her doggy and to ram my erect cock even deeper into her before we both reached climax together.

She said it was the best and biggest cock she had ever had and how lucky she was to have such a neighbour we showered and fucked once more in the shower before I asked her if she would like dinner we dressed and left before my lot came home ending on the way back in a secluded car park giving her another fuck in the woods.

We met every time John was away and I fucked her often for two years before I moved away.

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