My Neighbors

by Anonymous

“Oh, yeah …” Eric said, savoring how it felt to have Rich’s boner sliding back and forth through his tight butt hole, each time with its stiff length gong deep into his accommodating anal sheath.

“Man, this feels so good,” Rich said.

The last thing that Rich had been expecting to do was to find himself fucking another guy. Eric was his neighbor in the same apartment building, and over the last few months they had started to become casual friends. Enough for Eric to have revealed to Rich that he was gay, willing to be perfectly open about hat fact. Of course Rich wasn’t and had said as much.

Still, they two of them got along well enough. After knowing each other for more than a month, Eric happily admitted that he found Rich attractive, and he teased him, saying how any time that he wanted to have some fun, to just let him know. Of course Rich had declined, but found the invitation flattering none the less.

That evening Eric had invited Rich over to his place for something cold to drink. It was summer and the weather was hot and that had sounded good. Both of them had been in just t-shirts and shorts and barefoot, and the casualness of being that way felt relaxing and good as they sat on the sofa together.

When Rich had mentioned how warn the evening was, Eric had laughed and said that they could always take their clothes off and how that would be cooler.

Rich just smirked good naturally.

“Maybe you’re just afraid to let me see you having a boner,” Eric had teased. “Or maybe you’re afraid of seeing me having one.”

‘Well, it’s not like I’m use to that sort of thing with another guy,” Rich had said.

“You never know … you might like it,” Eric told him. “It’s not like you have to be gay to enjoy that with a friend.”

“What? Having a boner together?”

Eric shrugged his shoulders. “Why not? Just two friends enjoying being male together. What’s wrong with that?”

“Nothing … I suppose,” Rich had conceded.

“It’s not like anyone’s going to know.”

“No. I suppose not.”

“Well, then … what are we waiting for?”

With that they had shed their minimal attire and Rich had found himself being naked with his neighbor. It was fun and Rich liked that it was sort of a daring thing to do, especially with another guy. As they sat on the sofa Eric started to get an erection. His penis handsomely pushing stiffly upright. He grinned, enjoying nakedly displaying his sexuality. Rich found himself getting an erection too, and enjoyed how unexpectedly good it felt having one with another guy. It was very satisfyingly male.

“Not bad with a friend, huh?” Eric remarked.

“No,” Rich admitted. He liked how it felt, the two of sitting there with their penis agreeably stiff.

That was all it took for the two of them to start being more physically inclined, starting with holding and playing with one another’s erection, then doing a few small kisses. When Eric had gotten a small bottle of lubrication, and had slicked Rich’s boner with it, he had presented himself as ready to take things further.

Rich had found himself obliging, pushing his stiff erection smoothly into Eric’s butt, with the excitement of doing that with another guy making his arousal even more impressive.

“Uh … just keep giving it to me,” Eric groaned.

“With pleasure,” Rich said.

Rich savored the pleasure of having his boner in Eric’s butt and to be fucking him as another guy. It was so male. He had never experienced anything like this before and he liked it – a lot. Moving his hips he kept his boner pleasurably fucking Eric as he felt the urgency building within his stiff length. In a moment more he was suddenly ejaculating. Not wearing a rubber, his sperm-filled male liquid flooded into Eric’s anal sheath and did so with an incredible sense of satisfaction.

“Uh! Uh! Uh!” Rick groaned with each throbbing pulse of his boner.

Eric gasped and found himself ejaculating, too.

It was such an incredibly intense moment for both of them.

They both laid there gasping for breath. When they had recovered, Rich withdrew his no longer fully erect organ from Eric’s butt and Eric turned over and grinned at him.

“I hope that you didn’t get me pregnant,” Eric laughed.

Rich laughed, too. “I’m afraid that I did … with the amount of sperm that I put into you.”

“Yes. And felt so good.”

“It did … didn’t it?”

They kissed.

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