My Neighboring Auntie

by Anon (Canada)

She was my neighbor, aged 55, little chubby with ample boobs encased in her lace bra. Through the boundary hedge, I would often see her lounging in the sun in summer without bra and thong – shining in the sun with all the body lotion. I always have great fancy towards mature older women.

My 22 yo cock would get stiff watching the show and I used to masturbate on it. She had (dis)reputation to attract young delivery man or plumber and had sex. This summer day she asked me whether I could help her pruning the hedge alongside her house. I was too happy to oblige.

But before I could finish the job she invited me to have chilled beer. After sometime I entered her living room – my drink was laid on the table. I called her – ‘Auntie, where are you?’ Soon she came out with loose see-through shirt that almost hung to her knees. She was without bra and panties. She sat beside me, close to me so that I could feel her breathing.

Our conversation turned to erotic tunes. I told her the gossips around her with visiting young men. It transpired that she had little sex and loved young cock. Hesitantly she admitted what was going on while her placing her hand on my thighs and requested me to keep them secret! I assured her by placing my hand onto hers on my thighs. She kissed me on the lips being assured and looked at me for few seconds.

This followed a deeper kiss, full mouth kiss on me. Her tongue soon started to probe my mouth – we both started tongue lashing. This was a very new to me… I could not but stroke her thighs and pushed my hand between them as she unbuttoned her shirt revealing a pair of ample melons with little sag and bluish veins running towards the areolas sporting stiff nips…. I felt a warm and damp enclosure in there!

She lowered my boxer and shoved my cock into her mouth and started sucking. Soon enough she was getting into it, her hands were holding my throbbing cock, and her head was bobbing onto it. I was in daze and hardly felt that I was cumming!! When I started shooting into her she started swallowing. Some dripped down from her lips onto her tits. She left my cock as it started to soften and told me some of the sex hungry older women in the neighborhood and sex with some young men, like plumber, electrician etc. as almost regular.

As she talked about the other women sexual fetishes, my cock got hard and I laid her on her back on the dining table. I shoved two fingers into her pussy to feel its wetness, and then I replaced my fingers with my cock and started to fuck her. I always last longer the second time around. Yes, I was plowing her mature thick pussy at my will.

I reached over and grabbed her tits as I pounded into her deeper. With closed eyes she was enjoying my every thrust uttering fuck fuck fuck …. She grunted several times and then she started to breath hard. Before long she was panting and reached waves of orgasm and sweating. I too came in gushes as she wrapped her legs around my waist.

I asked her if I was as good as her other partners. She smiled and held me tight. Auntie was not in any hurry to get dressed. We remained there naked, my cock still embedded into her pussy – she was squeezing it from time to time as I was sucking her nips.

Yes, some of her closest friends somehow came to know about our sexual romps, I think she told them so. Once she told me to invite one of her younger lesbian friends to meet me. I wouldn’t mind fucking her friend well but. But I suggested that we do a threesome. I am looking forward to it.

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