My Neighbor Watched

by Alex Delarge (USA)

I have a morning ritual of sorts. I get up, see my wife, get my coffee, read the news and then masturbate. I guess the coffee gets going me going and I look at a little porn.

One night last summer our AC system stopped working in the middle of the night. We live in a very warm part of the country.

So, the wife and I stripped down and opened the windows throughout the house in order to get some sleep. The AC guys would be by around 10am. Needless to say we were up at 6am.

Our house is very close to our neighbors which is the orientation of all of the houses due to the nature of the area. I can see into my neighbor’s house but the windows are not directly across from each other.

So we just walked about naked. We know our neighbor pretty well. She's an awesome, beautiful older woman who recently retired. In other words, she wouldn't care or notice for that matter.

There I was enjoying my coffee, reading naked. The wife's is naked but starting to dress for work. I was in my usual position on the couch.

My cock started to stir a bit so I started casually masturbating. The wife would walk by and call me a dirty boy while watching.

Eventually, she went into her office and I started really enjoying myself. I have different things I enjoy doing to myself like changing hand positions, playing with my balls while I stroke the shaft, swirling my hand around my dick.

So basically, I was getting a bit naughty with myself in earnest. My neighbor’s blinds had been partially open in the window diagonally positioned from my living room.

I didn't think anything of it until I noticed the blinds very, very slowly open fully. I realized she saw me jerking off like a wild man.

At first I was scared, but I had my head laid back and my eyes were partially closed. It appeared she didn't want me to notice. I fell into reckless abandon and let myself cum. My cock gushed and gushed. I think I made a very audible moan. Her blinds remained fully open.

The cops didn't come and I spoke to her outside a few days later. She was the same awesome neighbor. I did notice she tends to smile at me a lot more and we enjoy nice conversations regularly. I must admit it was an incredible turn on and the orgasm was beyond incredible.

I'm used to performing for the wife as she loves to watch and honestly I would probably do it for any woman who wanted to watch given the wife is cool. She got a kick out my neighborly performance.

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