My Neighbor My Granddaughter and I

by Bob (Pomona, Missouri, USA)

My wife was out of state visiting our kids and my neighbor's wife was out of town with her family for weekend(Friday - Monday morning). So Ron and I being bi sexual decided we make a weekend of bi sexual play and not have to sneak around and hide as usual.

I have a large patio and swimming pool in back yard out in the country. The whole back yard has an 8' high privacy fence and trees and bushes outside of fence.

I invited Ron over to play and grill a few steaks while swimming nude. We started about 9:am and it was a few minutes before Ron had me on my knee's sucking his cock.

Just as I finished sucking his cock back on my feet after cleaning his cock with my tongue and mouth still tasting his cum in my mouth. Got a ding on my cell phone showing text message from my granddaughter. My granddaughter's name is Kim and a very HOT 28 years old. All my grandkids call me Bob I insisted that when I thought I was too young to be a grandfather.

Text from Kim:
Hello Bob, are you home.
Text from Bob:
Yes I am home baby what do you need.
I am knocking on your door getting no answer.
We in back on Patio, come to gate.

I open gate let her in and she was in a bikini very little coverage. She said she come over to swim and tan but she didn't know I had company she come back later after they leave.

I told her just Ron and I was here and we don't mind looking at hot stuff swimming and tanning. She said she knew my wife was in Louisiana but she didn't need to have Ron's wife show up seeing her in bikini and him staring and getting her pissed. I told her Ron's wife out of town for weekend. She said okay she stay then and was sure two old geezers couldn't harm her and laughed. Ron told her these two old geezers might just make you our weekend sex toy or slave. She said yeah right neither one of you probably had a hard in years. LOL

I mixed us a few drinks made her drinks doubles what Ron and I had. Didn't take long for her to feel them. We started telling her about the tan lines the bikini was going to make and that she needed to tan nude. She said I am not getting nude in front of you two. I told her what you worried about with two old geezers that can't get hard. She said yeah that is true but I keep my bottoms on and tan topless and she did have beautiful big tits.

Ron put lotion on her back and reached around front got hand full of her tits. She said she do the front but didn't move his hands off her tits. Then Ron finished her back and put lotion on her butt cheeks that was out of her bikini whole ass Cheeks hanging out. She told Ron don't start anything you can't finish. Ron tried to talk her into taking bottoms off that all her ass was showing anyway she still said no. After a few more drinks she said I am not going to be only one nude if you two take off your swim trunks I take my bottoms off to.

In an instant our swim trunks was on the ground with hard dicks strait out. Kim said my god I didn't think there was a hard left in you to while she was looking from dick to dick then her eyes settled to a stare at Ron's very thick 10" dick. She stuck to her word and her bottoms was on ground to. Then Ron volunteered to put lotion on her and when he done her ass he stuck his whole finger in her ass she jumped but didn't panic she told Ron to remove his finger.

Then she turned over and let Ron put lotion on her tits and whole front of course he put couple fingers in her pussy by then she was not even saying stop her hip rose up to Ron's hand. Ron ask her for some pussy. She said I can't let you fuck me in front of Bob he is my grandfather. I told her hell I don't care if you give him some pussy as long as I can watch him fuck you. She said I have to think about that Bob it just don't seem right. Then Ron ask her to suck his dick while she thinking about giving him some pussy.

She said I don't know if I can suck your dick in front of Bob either. Ron said hell girl Bob wants you to give him some pussy and a blow job to. She said Ron as tempting as it is and I want to suck your dick and fuck you I don't know if I can in front of Bob. Ron said well let's try it and see if you can. Ron set on a chair by the cushion she was on and he got her in a kneeling position between her legs her back to me and I could see that beautiful bare ass my dick was so hard and throbbing.

She bent over between his legs and started sucking his hard dick and I was looking at the most beautiful sight I have ever seen in my life. I had been wanting to see her nude since her teen years finally at 28 years old I am looking right in her pussy and asshole. I was looking at the rippling flesh of her peachy looking ass so damn hot. I went up behind her I got down on my knees, spread her ass cheeks she jerked like she was trying to look but Ron held her head on his dick when I licked her asshole she stop trying to move away I even heard a moan of pleasure.

I licked down to her pussy and she started pushing her pussy to me I knew that she knew it was me licking her she was getting so wet her juices was flowing good. The flavor of her juices grew stronger and stronger as they flowed. I licked her and feasted on her sweet pussy juices as they flowed from her. I thrust my tongue deep in her hot pussy. I licked and lapped her juices fast as they flowed.

I could hear her gasping and moaning my dick was twitching and throbbing wanting in her pussy so bad. I tongue fucked her pussy and licked her slit to her clit I licked and sucked her hard clit until she cum she was whimpering and cumming hard. Ron said make her cum and drown you in her juices. Ron said let's make her our sex toy and weekend slut I was licking her clit then her slit to her rosebud and she was having orgasm after orgasms.

I couldn't take it any longer I got on my knees behind her and I put my dick to her pussy and rove it to the hilt in her. She was ready for my dick and she was moaning with pleasure. I could not believe I had finally got balls deep in the pussy I had been trying to get in for years. Her incestrious juices was flowing she was humping my dick and moaning with pleasure. Then Ron let his load fill her mouth and she really started to hump and moan I her pussy clamped around my dick as she cum again and I could hold it any longer I filled her pussy with my cum. With her pussy juices and my cum I was soaked dick balls and all.

Kim laid back down still swallowing Ron's load she licked the cum off her lips and said she didn't know two old geezers would give her the best fuck she ever had. I told her to lick my dick and balls clean and she said I don't think you wife would like me sucking your dick clean.

I told her hell my wife would not like your pussy filled with my tongue and cum either but she not here to say either way. Kim said yeah guess you are right and licked my dick and balls clean while Ron licked my cum out of her pussy. Ron ask her after we were done if she was going to be our weekend slut and sex toy. She said hell no I am going to be the two of you sex toy slut for life now. She did not lie either we got to play with our toy every chance we got.

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