My Neighbor Heard Noises in Her Loft

by Stephen T (Bristol)

My elderly neighbor came round and asked me if I would look in her loft as she heard noises, it was Sunday morning my wife was at work and I was not going anywhere so I went round. She had a big trestle s I climbed up opened the hatch turned the light on and could not see or hear anything apart from a wasp nest.

I told her about the wasp nest but it looked dormant, she said can I have a look and climbed up the other side of the trestle to look as there was room for 2 I came down a bit as she came up and mf face was pushed into her huge breasts with nowhere to go and stayed like that for a minute enjoying her wonderful smell and feel.

She came down a bit as I went back up and her thick necklace caught my shorts as she dropped down and my shorts not that tight came down and my cock was level with her mouth, she gasped then said sorry.

I could feel her breathing get faster as she took in the moment as she tried to unhook the necklace all the time staring at my huge cock head then and smiled reached up and gently took hold of it lifted the heavy member and said my you have such a huge cock and smell wonderful but what do you taste like opened her mouth an took my huge mushroom in her mouth and started to suck me.

I had to steady myself put my hand out to the left to hold onto a big box as I did the box moved tilted over.The top was open and sticking out was the biggest black dildo I had ever seen she was sucking and wanking me and I took the dildo out as she watched.

I put it to my nose and you could smell her sex on it I kissed it then put it in my mouth and savored her taste. She stopped and said don’t you think we should find somewhere more comfortable and bring the box with you we got down and went into her bedroom.

Although seventy she was very fit and had an amazing figure as she was a fitness person, she sat in her bedroom chair put her legs over each side and said come lick my big juicy fanny I knelt between her legs and she slowly brought my face to her sopping wet juicy fanny and I almost dived in. She smelt divine as she eased back her huge lips and squashed herself into my face as I lapped her then she took the dildo and sucked on it.

Wow never I imagined the old lady next door was so sexual as I licked sucked and lapped her until she was writhing in orgasm. Fuck me with that big cock please now, so I dove in further rubbed my huge mushroom around her fanny then slid it in.

Her huge breasts were bare and were now hanging pendulous, she presented her huge nipples to me to suck, never been so turned on by such fabulous soft breasts as I fucked and sucked her to another orgasm, Then she said I want to suck you again so I stood beside her as she eagerly took me in her mouth and at the same time put her huge black dildo at her fanny lips and said fuck me with it.

I pushed it in and out and marveled at the sight of it glistening sliding in and out as she bucked to meet my thrusts until she came again. Then she said you get in the chair so I did, she lifted my leg over each arm and went back to wanking and sucking me then she eased my legs up towards my head and buried her tongue in me and nearly sent me through the roof as I never had that before.

Then she lubed her fingers and put it up in me 1, 2 then 3 at a time as I was writhing she said now for something different and put the huge black mushroom cock head at my anus switched it on and slowly pushed it in.

I can’t describe the feelings flooding through me and really wanted her to fuck me with that black monster she smiled and said would you like this I just nodded as she slowly eased it back and forth deeper and deeper until I had it all.

She bent forward she took her big wet grannies over my head with her sopping gusset in my mouth and sucked my cock as she fucked me in unison until I filled her mouth with the biggest load I have ever shot.

She gobbled and sucked until she drained it all out of me then kissed me passionately as we shared my cum. She then said bend over in the chair I did then she clipped the dildo to a belt and fucked me properly until I collapsed I could not take any more so we just went to sleep in each other’s arms as she said we will do this again sometime if you want I just nodded.

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