My Neighbor Girl

by Kim (Janesville wi)

She was only 18 years old cute as ever one day my wife and children were gone for the day my wife at told me she thought somebody had been coming into the house while we were gone.

Well I had just taken a shower and I was laying in my bed when I heard a noise I pick up from my bedroom door I saw her coming in the house I didn't know what to do I was naked and I had a hard on when she open the bedroom door I pretended like I was asleep I could feel her getting close to the bed and hear her breathing then I felt her hand touch my cock.

I didn't know if I was going to come right on the spot but I knew I wanted to get my hands on that pretty little pussy of hers she grabbed her hand around my cock and it sounds so sexy I open my eyes, what are you doing she jumped back but she kept looking at my cock I wasn't hiding it.

I asked her what she was doing in here she didn't know what to say I said you know I can call the cops and have you arrested for breaking into my home she pleaded with me not to tell anyone I said even if I tell your mom you are going to really be in trouble she said I'll do anything you want just don't tell my mom.

I asked her what she meant by doing anything I want it well mommy's boyfriend and I we do some things together and I never tell on him, I asked her what she meant she said you know like take our clothes off and play with each other I sat up on the bed she has on a pair of shorts and a little white T-shirt.

I can see the tiny bumps on her nipples I reached over and started rubbing her sliding my hand up under her t-shirt feeling her little nipples I slowly took her t-shirt off and started licking her nipples she said it's all good then I snapped her shorts and pulled them down leaving her in a little pair of white cotton panties I could see her little pussy bulging out.

I pulled them down seeing her pretty little hairless pussy with that tiny little clit sticking out I was going to keep her panties as a souvenir I laid her down on the bed and I just couldn't keep my eyes off of her pussy I asked her if I could lick her she nodded her head I thought she was so soft to my tongue I opened her little pussy and saw how ready her pussy looked.

I plunged my tongue inside of her pussy and it was getting wetter without real sexy taste I licked her pussy for about 5 minutes that rolled her over it spread her little ass cheeks, her ass is so small it could fit in my hands her little bro was Bud of her butthole so inviting I started to slowly lick on it forcing my tongue inside her she had the most sexy little moan and I knew if I was going to f*** her in the ass.

I Went and got the KY Jelly her butt hole was so tight as I worked two fingers into her to loosen her up then I lubed up my cock a d spread her little soft ass cheeks and put the tip of my cock against her and slowly pushed, it was so tight but then I felt the head of my cock pop in she let out a little Yelp.

I slowly worked all 7 and a half Inches into her feeling her soft ass against my abdomen she was so tight and hot inside i slowly started pumping in and out i slipped my hands around her small torso feeling her little nipples lightly pinching them then sliding my hands down her little girl naked body until my hand was on her pussy she was soaking wet I slipped a finger into her hairless pussy.

she was now moaning I knew I was going to cum soon, but I didn't want to stop the fun so I pulled out of her and got up grabbing a washcloth and cleaning my engorged cock and told her to suck my cock.

She said that she sucked her mom's boyfriend all the time and took my cock into her little hands and opened her mouth and wrapped her hot little mouth around the head of my cock. Her mouth was so hot. And she looked so sexy sucking on my cock getting more than half my cock into her mouth I knew I couldn't hold back any longer and I said I'm about to cum but she kept sucking.

My first spurts were big and some of my cum was running out of her mouth onto her chin and onto her chest but she kept sucking until I was spent when we were done she said that her mom's boyfriend liked sucking cock too.

That night her mom went to work and I went over there, her mom's boyfriend was a black guy and he was cute almost girl like she had told him what we did he had on a houseboat that was more than half opened and to my delight he was wearing pink panties and I could see he had a nice bulge the girl was wearing a t-shirt and no panties.

I thought I was going to surprise them so when I pulled my shorts off I was wearing a black thong, we headed for the bedroom we all got in bed and I couldn't hardly wait to get my mouth around his cock it was so hot having her watch as we sucked each other off.

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