My Mom's Gym Outfit and my Friend

by Thomas McLean (USA)

Before I tell the story I must inform you all that my mom is on the thick side. She isn't fat or anything but has thick thighs, a big jiggly ass and big round tits. Her overall body is big enough to make these "assets" of hers not seem abnormal or anything.

She works out almost daily at 6pm in a makeshift gym we have at our house. And oh my god, her gym outfit is the sexiest thing I've ever fucking seen! Cotton booty shorts, lifted up to her stomach, and a sports bra. But a sexier sports bra which looks just like a normal bra rather than a sports bra. The only reason it's called a sports bra is because it's water proof, so her sweat won't reveal her nipples through the bra.

Now to the story.

I live with my dad, mom and younger brother. My brother has a friend (Jack) from school that visits us every once in a while, but usually he comes around 4pm and hangs out for about 30 minutes to an hour and leaves. He's a bit "retarded" so he comes with his elder brother (Ed) who is 25 years old. Whenever they are around, my brother and Jack plays Xbox together while I stay in my room and do whatever and his brother Ed talks with my dad (my dad comes home from work at 2pm and stays till 5pm before leaving again).

On this one particular day, Jack came to our house at about 5:30pm. My dad was out gone to work for the evening so it was just me, my mom and my brother. When they came my brother and Jack immediately went to his room and started gaming. So I decided to hang out in the living room with Ed who had no one to talk to since my dad was out.

Ed and I were just minding our own business and talking when 6pm came around and my mom walked out her room in her gym outfit ready for her workout. I noticed the surprised face on Ed as her saw her thick thighs being squeezed out of her small pants and her big tits bouncing in the bra. We continued talking as if nothing is happening but as she walked past us towards the front door he took a glance at her ass. He had never seen my mom in such clothing before so this was the first time he's seen my mom revealing so much of her body and attracting attention to the body parts that are being covered.

About 10 minutes later I excused myself and went to my room, leaving Ed by himself in the living room. As I was in my room I opened my room door slightly and took a peek at Ed to see if he's still there or is he trying to go out and look at my mom. I kept looking at him for about 15 minutes straight before he finally put down his phone, got up and started to walk towards the front door. The thought of what might happen made me hard immediately. As he walked out of the house and towards our garage(the makeshift gym) I ran out of my room and went to a window which is literally next to the garage door. This window tinted so that from inside the house you can see the outside but from outside you can't see the inside.

As I went to this window I saw him peeping through the garage door and taking photos of my mom. Holy shit did I get hard as fuck! I didn't say anything, I just stood there and watched as my mom was doing jumping jacks with her ass facing the door and Ed probably taking a video of her jiggling and bouncing thick ass. Then after a while he put his phone in his pocket and knocked on the door. I quietly opened the window slightly so I could hear what they were saying.

I didn't hear what they said initially but all I heard was, he asked if he could stay with her because he had no one to talk to. And seconds after he said that, my mom opened the door completely and let Ed walk in then he closed the door behind him. I was slightly able to see what's happening inside. Ed was just standing in the corner while my mom exercised in the middle of the room. But the moment that made my heart skip a beat was when I noticed as my mom bent down to touch her toes her camel toe was clear as day for Ed to see through the shorts that she has pulled up to her belly button. And when he noticed that too he took out his phone and snapped a quick picture. Besides this incident nothing else happened, all I could see was them just talking and laughing.

Closing in on 7pm and my mom is sweating and her workout is almost done. I didn't get to hear anything they said while they were inside the garage, but as she finished Ed gave her a high five. Then they both walked out the garage door and towards the front door which was when I quickly dashed to my room and once again peeped out and tried to see what's happening. When they came into the house Ed was just following my mom as she talked about her diet or some shit. Then he followed her into her bedroom.

This was when I was thinking they were going to actually fuck or anything. So I slowly walked out my room and tried to peep at her room when I noticed her door was completely open. So I went to the living room and hid there. My mom was walking in and out of the bathroom, turning the water on and seeing if it's warm or not while Ed just sat on my parent's bed and continued to listen to her. I was so fucking hard seeing my mom in her outfit just walking around infront of Ed, giving him a proper view of her body. She would constantly bend down to grab things, cleaning her room here and there till the water got warm. Her camel toe still visible, even as she stood straight and talked to Ed her pussy was clearly visible through her shorts. Ed once touched her back thighs as he spoke about an exercise that helps the thighs. Holy fucking shit was that a sight to see! My mom's thick thighs being groped

Then a few minutes later, my mom closed her room door and that completely took me by surprise! So now my mom and Ed were inside the room, once again alone together but this time I can't see what's happening inside and she was about to take a shower too. All the possible fantasies of mine regarding my mom fucking someone were going through my head all at once. To add to my imagination, I could hear laughs and quiet giggles coming from her room.

I just decided to stay hidden in the living room, and soon enough her room door opened and Ed walked out with her gym outfit in his hands and walked towards the laundry room. I took a peek at my mom's room and saw my mom wearing a towel as she walked into the bathroom. For some reason I kind of got a sinking feeling just because it appeared as if she was cheating on my dad. Because this could mean either she changed her clothes infront of Ed or she just simply changed her clothes in the bathroom. Either way seeing her wearing a towel as Ed opened the door is enough for me to enjoy myself. After Ed threw her clothes into the laundry basket he went into my brother's room and took Jack and left the house.

Ever since that day, Ed and Jack always came at 5:30pm or 6pm and Ed always stayed with my mom during her exercises. Sometimes even helping her, like to lift her legs. After that they always went to her room together and he always walked out with her clothes in his hands. There was one time where I decided to go and knock on her door and pretend like I had no idea what's happening and asked where Ed was and she said she didn't know. I knew for a fact that Ed was in the room but I couldn't see him, he was probably behind the door but I didn't want to appear suspicious of her so I didn't bother looking. But of course later on he came out her room with her clothes. They thought I was in my room minding my own business but in reality, I was hiding out in the living room and spying on them. A repeating cycle as the same shit happened every time Ed and Jack came to our house and I did nothing but masturbate to the thought of what might be happening between Ed and my mom.

I'll be sure to make a part 2 if I find out any more juicy details.

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