My Mom's Affair With My Teacher

by Tim (Chicago)

This is a true story that I was initially pissed off about it but later I found myself being turned on by the events.

So it all began around 9 months ago I would say because my mom is pregnant and my dad thinks its his but I highly doubt it. You see, I'm the only one who knows that my mom is fucking my teacher. Even she doesn't know that I know.

I'm not sure when they started fucking but I know when they first met and it was that same day they had fucked for the first time too. It was during a parent teachers meeting for the new year. The conference was held 4 weeks after the first day of school just so to make sure the teachers knew the students well and vise versa.

He was my math teacher and I didn't like him because he was the type of sir who talks and interacts with the smarter students while neglecting and yelling at the dumber ones (I was a dumber one lol. But only in math, I'm good at other subjects).

So on that day me and my mom we went to the classroom where he would be, we went to him last because I know I'm not going to get a good hearing from him. As I walked in I noticed his face the second he saw my mom that day. His eyes opened slightly wide and then he sat up and adjusted himself. He stood and as my mom gave her hand to shake, but he instead kissed her hand and said that she is very pretty.

I remember my mom blushing because my dad rarely ever says that to her anymore.

We all sat down and started discussing whats to be taught this year, you know, the normal stuff. He kept inserting flirtatious jokes here and there too and my mom seemed to like it as she kept laughing, but I hated it and wanted to punch and knock him out. What surprised me was that he isn't even good looking. He had a belly, ruffled beard and didn't look like he's been to a gym in years. And my mom has pretty big tits, a bit of a meaty belly but for the most part it was pretty flat, thick thighs and ass, she stood at 5 foot 7. Yet my mom was turned on and I knew that because she kept secretly touching her crotch and fiddling with her hair.

After about 20 minutes of talking my mom realised that he didn't like me alot so she asked if he could please help me out as I lack im my mathematics skills and to show some extra care for me as a teacher. He complied and said not a problem. He then said he needs to discuss about this matter in more detail privately and told me to wait outside the class because he says he doesn't want to offend or hurt my feelings.

And so I did but I knew whether what he said was true or not I needed to know what's happening in there. So I went around the school to the window of the class that was slightly opened and I crouched underneath it and listened. At first it all seemed like a normal conversation as they talked about my inability to understand certain topics and rules. But after like 5 minutes said, "you know, if you could do something for me I am more than happy to help out your son, even give him home tuition". I froze.

I slowly peaked and saw him crouched next to my mom and his hand rested on her thighs waiting for her to give an answer.

She knew what he meant and slowly started to unbutton her blouse and while she did that, he moved his hands over to her crotch and started rubbing it there. She gave out a quiet moan and once her blouse came off and her purple bra was in full view which was holding her soccer ball size tits my teacher quickly stood up and licked and played with them.

I was so fucking angry I wanted to open the window and beat the shit out of him. After their foreplay (by this time they were both naked) he bent her over his desk and started fucking. I wanted to stop this so I went back around to the door and knocked. I asked my mom, pretending to not to know, "are you guys done yet? I'm getting bored and hungry". Then maybe after like 30 seconds my mom replied, "just one moment honey, he has alot to say about you and how to improve you academic grades". I knew the bullshit.

I went back to the window, making sure no kid so me trying to sneak because if anyone followed me and saw my mom fucking I would get bullied forever!

My mothers ass was being grabbed and slapped and fucked. His dick kept ramming my innocent mother who fed me and took care of me as a baby. That same woman is being used to make my shitty teacher feel good. I couldn't understand if she was doing this for me or for her. Was she enjoying it or not (at the time I didn't know that they would become a thing).

As he came in her mouth and she seemingly loved the taste or some shit because she licked the cum that was hanging off his dick hole. I rushed back to the door and sat and pretended like I was dying of boredom.

She walked out looking well put together and clean and said, "hey honey, sorry it took too long but your teacher really cares and I made sure he will be kind towards you in class now onwards.

In the car she seemed like nothing ever happened. Singing to tunes, taking me to McDonalds, talking to me about school stuff and the books I need to buy and all. A normal motherly talk, but to me, everything she said came in one ear and left through the other. All I was thinking about was that filthy sir fucking my mom.

Fast forwards 9 months, and since then that sir has been treating me annoyingly nice, grading me high even though most of my answers were wrong and kids complained how is mine correct and theirs isn't. I now have home tuition for maths. When my mom asked if I wanted tuition long ago I said no because I know what would happen but she told him to come and teach despite me telling no.

I've seen them kissing for long periods as if they were married. All his classes were like 3 hours before my dad comes home. Pretty much after every class he gives me homework and tells me to do it now itself. Then just as he says that my mom will walk in telling to the sir to come to the kitchen she has prepared tea. Once they go into the kitchen they start fucking. There's no tea. I can even sometimes hear the faint sound of their skins clapping onto one another. I sometimes tip toe to the door and wank because lately I've found my mom absolutely hot and I envy my sir. Seeing my grab her round voluptuous ass turns me on the most.

The best thing to come out of this affair happened about 5 and a half weeks ago when me and my dad had to go to Washington for a business event. We would be gone for a week and I knew what will being going on in the house when we are gone I so bought 5 small security cameras and hid them all around places where I thought my teacher would fuck my mom. Kitchen, master bedroom, living room, master bedroom's bathroom and the backyard (just in case). I made absolutely sure that they were well hidden and not visible unless to tried to look.

And my god did I get the best footage ever! I downloaded and saved it all on my phone! They fucked almost every other hour! He slept with her throughout the week. They cuddled, spooned and kissed till late night. They even did 69 and it was absolutely fucking hot! He fucked her during showers, while she cooked, read books in the living room, did laundry. They played around the house naked just as if they were a couple. Things couples do but my mom and dad NEVER EVER do anything a normal couple do.

When we came back home she welcomed me and my dad, gave us both kisses and did a great job of acting as if nothing ever happened while we were gone. Later when I watched the recording I realised 30 minutes before us coming home, the sir came in my mom and left. She never cleaned or washed herself off. Which means when she greeted us she had my sirs cum deep inside.

She is now pregnant, I'm sure she got a way to get my dad to cum in her and pretend as if that's what got her pregnancy. Maybe though, maybe its my dad's. But I don't think so and if I'm right then that means my brother's dad is my annoying maths teacher. He's still annoying because he keeps saying subtle jokes in class about how beautiful my mom is. The students just laugh and scream 'ohhhhhh' as if I just got roasted.

This shits never seems to end or slow down. I've even seen them have sex while she's pregnant. Her boobs have gotten bigger and perkier. Ass seems to be the same, voluptuous as always. At this rate my guess is that this affair seems to only end in two ways. My mom gets caught and a divorce is to come. Or she gets fed up with my dad and divorces him. Either way a divorce seems inevitable. But I couldn't care less though.

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