My Mom Teaching Me: Part 3

by Noah Wilson (Withcott, qld, australia)

Mom went to the Sunday markets and I watched TV and Georgie came into the lounge room and she sat next to me and as we were both naked she asked what was I watching. I told her and a few minutes later I noticed her nipples were erected and this turned me on.

I rested my hand onto her vagina and entered two fingers slowly into her pussy lips and then I masturbated her. I sucked and licked her erected nipples and a few minutes later she said she was about to squirt.

I quickly got between her legs and jammed my mouth over her vagina, just in time for Georgie to start to unleash her sperm into my mouth for a minute or so.

Over the next hour Georgie had 4 more squirting orgasms before I held her hips and unleashed my sperm deep inside her wet stretched snatch. As we finished, we noticed mom standing near us with veggies in her hands and her eyes glued to my cock berried in Georgie's vagina.

I withdrew my deflating cock and mom smiled and said enjoying yourself and we both said God yes. Mom went and put the veggies away and then returned naked and me and Georgie seen her nipples were erected and she sat between me and Georgie.

We started to suck and lick mom nipples and then we slowly worked down to mom vagina and Georgie started to luck mom pussy lips as I went back up and continued to suck and lick her nipples.

I then French kissed mom and mom then announced she was cumming and I watched stunned as Georgie drank mom sperm. Once they finished they switched position and I then got behind mom and entered her vagina doggies style

Over the next 2 and a half hours Georgie had 4 massive orgasms to mom's 5 and I had unleashed two loads into each of them. We had a shower together and cooked dinner together and as we stayed naked we watched some TV and then we went to mom's bed and more three way sex till midnight.

For the rest of the week we only masturbated in front each other and on Friday night we went to the pub for dinner and we got home just on midnight. I said to mom and Georgie that all the neighborhood were in bed so we went for a walk naked around the block and as we were home I locked the back door and turned around and mom and Georgie were French kissing each other.

End of Part 3

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