My Mom Teaching me: Part 2

by Noah Wilson (Withcott, qld, australia)

My mom Paula told me she loved when I unleashed my sperm deep inside of her and the sperm fell different from normal sperm. I said my sperm was from a virgin and she blushed.

Over the next few weeks, we never had sex together but was still walking around naked and masturbating in front of each other and also Georgie.

One Saturday night as we sat around talking Paula admitted she has never walked around naked outside and me and Georgie admitted we had walked naked outside many times and we continued to talk about how we love to be naked outside and as it was bloody hot and after midnight, we were able to talk Paula into joining us. She had a towel wrapped around her body and we went out back with me and Georgie naked.

Mom removed her towel and I got an erection outside and Georgie took my erection and led me around like a prized cow on displayed and Paula had erected nipples watching us walk around. As Georgie turned around I moaned as we seen her nipples were rock hard and they were over an inch long and Paula blushed as well.

I leaned down and ran my tongue over Georgie's nipples and she then asked her mom if she could take her brothers rock hard cock inside her wet snatch and Paula moaned and said yes as she then told Georgie that she had taken my virginity twice a few weeks ago and Georgie moaned.

I asked Georgie when was the last time she had a cock inside her snatch and she said months ago and I asked her if I could take her doggies style and she bent over and looked back at me with a steaming look.

Over the next hour and a half Georgie had 5 massive squirting orgasms before I held her hips and unleashed a serious load of my sperm deep inside her. Paula moaned when I withdrew my erection from Georgie and my sperm flowed from Georgie's pussy lips. We walked back inside and when Georgie and Paula turned around they blushed as I was rock hard again.

I spent till sunrise nailing Mom and sis in mom's bed and they were exhausted from all their squirting orgasms. Paula had fifteen and Georgie had 18 massive orgasms as I finally unleashed my sperm into them eight times. We went to sleep and I woke up later that day to see Paula and Georgie masturbating themselves while admiring my throbbed erection.

End of Part 2

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