My Mom Teaching Me: Part 1

by Noah Wilson (Withcott, qld, Australia)

This is a true story.

My name is Noah and this is about me my, sister Georgie and my mom Paula. My dad had left when I was three years old with his boss from work.

My mom is thin short and 44 years old and has no stretch marks and flat stomach and a clean shaved pussy and my sister has the same build but with bigger tits and Georgie is 20 years old. I am tall, thin and hung like a malley bull (9inches when erected).

When my dad left my mom stopped wearing clothes around the house and she left us do the same and I noticed mom and Georgie were clean shaven on their pussy lips and when I asked her this she said for cleanlines. Mom and Georgie were by now masturbating on a regular basis and were doing it openly in front of me.

Just after my eighteen birthdays I and mom were driving to the local shopping centre 30 minutes from home and mom was sitting in the passenger seat and wearing a denim dress. She unzipped it and she was naked and she started to masturbate herself.

I was having trouble concentrating on my driving for a few minutes when mom lifted up from the seat and I watched her sperm flow from her snatch like a slow running tap.

After a minute she finished and then used some tissues to clean herself up and she then looked at me and seen me looking frustrated. She smiled and said she had been turned on since this morning and needed to masturbate herself.

We done our shopping and was home and mom had always worn an apron when cooking or ironing and as I sat watching TV I watch mom doing the ironing. I was erected and mom turned around and seem my throbbed erection and said I have never seen you that big before and I said I was frustrated as I was still a virgin. I told her when women see my erection the say that my coat was too big and thick for them and get dressed and leave.

Mom came and sat next to me and we talked and mom then said if I wanted to she could take my virginity and I admired her body and said OK. She stood up and removed her apron and I seen her nipples were rock hard.

Mom sat onto my lap with my throbbed erection in front of her snatch and she told me how to lick and suck her nipples then she stood up and I done the same to her pussy lips when all of a sudden she rested her hands onto my head and as she started to tremble her juices flowed into my eager mouth for a minute or so.

Once she finished I used my tongue to clean her pussy lips up and she then took my rock hard manhood and slowly loaded herself down while I watched. She slowly started to ride me and she was giving me a graphic description of how she was feeling. A few minutes later I couldn't hold on and grabbed her hips and pulled her down as I grunted a massive load inside her stretched wet snatch.

Once I finally finished she stood up and cupped her hands under her pussy lips and caught my sperm then drank my sperm till her hands were clean.

End of Part One

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