My Mom My Love

by delltoo (Carolina)

Mom is very beautiful lady now she is 36 I am 20, since my childhood I liked her so much, weekends they often spent out and used to come back next day afternoons, I didn’t know where they spent their night. When I was age of 18, I started masturbating for mom and always tried to get close to her for her sweet smell mixed with perfumes.

Sometimes on weekends my father invited his friends, they came along with their wives, celebrated, took wines and they stayed our place up to next day, took lunch together at our place and then nearly afternoons they went their homes.

More often my parents spent their weekends outside, I came to know they swapped wives at each other’s homes and enjoyed life. I was very happy when I knew about my mom’s so naughty lifestyle, I became hopeful about my fantasy to fuck my mom. One of my father’s friend was much kind to me at such occasions, he often brought gifts for me. later I came to know he was in love with my mom and wanted her company all the times.

Uncle Archi, sometimes when my father was away, he used to come our home and spent time with mom in her bedroom for hours, so that I knew they fucked secretly in addition to weekends during wife swapping, they were not content enough only on weekends they wanted their company more frequent.

Once I asked Uncle Archi, “do you love mom?” he was surprised at my question. Relied, “yes I love your mom she is very beautiful and you are my lovely son”. I asked, “since when you are fucking my mom?” he again surprised but replied, “since last year when I got her on a wife swapping night!” I said, “I also want fuck mom! Can you help me?” he replied, “Oh! You want fuck your mom? Ah yes, I can sure help you to fuck mom sweet son! I can do it for you”.

He told me the plan and on next weekend they again had wife swapping night. Uncle Archi again got his luck to spend night with mom, after much drinks he blindfolded mom for pleasure they often did it, but tonight he called me in mom’s bedroom, that time I was very excited I saw mom totally naked, her hands were tied to the head posts of the bed, eyes were blindfolded.

I got so excited at seeing mom this way, naked boobs naked all the body with big pussy, My birth hole! I just got over her, started kissing on her sweet lips and soon put my tongue in her sweet mouth I sucked on her tongue lost my senses for the pleasure I got, then I sucked her nipples for just 2 minutes, moved to her big hairy pussy, I kissed on her pussy and couldn’t control myself anymore!

When I entered mom with my 6 inches cock first time, I couldn’t make more than 3 to 4 pushes in her warm slippery pussy and exploded my semen in mom’s pussy.... soon my cock was pushed out automatically after ejaculating and uncles Archi got his place between mom’s legs, fixed his 9 inches cock on mom’s dripping pussy with my semen, he made a full push in mom with big 9 inches cock and in one move his balls were pressed tight on mom’s ass.

I got my 2nd chance with mom after 3 weeks same thing happened again, I couldn’t fuck mom according to my wishes and was exploded. Uncles Archi appreciated me and told not to worry, he asked me if I want a 2nd shift on mom after getting my cock hard again and I stayed close to watch him fucking my mom. He fucked mom so hard that she started moaning, I rushed out of the room because I felt mom may come in senses and remover her blindfolds and see me.

A few days later while my father was not home, uncle came to see mom, while mom was busy in kitchen, I told uncle, “I want fuck mom to feel her responses, fuck her in senses and want her pay backs!” Uncle Archi told me to wait for the time and he will do something.

Next swapping night was celebrated at our home a month later, uncle told me, “I have talked your mom about your age and loneliness having no girlfriend and asked her to let you know a little about sex! She smiled and asked me what to do? and I suggested, let him know about our love and she agreed after a short discussion!”

Next month, mom divorced my father, our house belonged to mom, but mom didn’t tell him to leave. They still celebrated wife swapping, my father was allowed to join, but one of his friends was not allowed to join these free of worry nights, mom divorced my father because of this idiot friend who always misbehaved mom and wanted mom as his night partner to fuck mom’s ass with his 8 inches a very thick cock, mom didn’t like him but my father let him fuck mom occasionally as I heard later.

Uncle Archi tamed mom and told her to let me have some glimpse of her naked body, being a shy mom, she just smiled and replied nothing.

Next month my father shifted some other place and I was left alone at home with mom. Wife swapping was rare now but sometimes my father arranged it to fuck my mom and mom happily let him fuck her. All the men of their group liked mom so much and wanted to get their turn with my mom.

Uncle Archi now visited our home very frequently, even he spent nights with mom in bedroom fucking her more often, mom agreed him to let me know about their sexual pleasure, so as they fucked, they let bedroom door wide open with lights on and mom’s moans sounded very clear to my room.

Next week, I asked mom’s permission to come to her room occasionally when I couldn’t sleep late nights, she loves me and smiled to say, “whenever you want my darling”. Uncle Archi made a plan for night, I went to mom’s room nearly 9 pm. slept on sofa, uncle Archi arrived 9:30, kissed mom passionately on lips, I showed sleeping. Soon they removed dresses, mom’s legs on uncle’s shoulders, he pushed his big 9 inches cock deep in mom’s pussy and started fucking fast! Mom’s full of pleasure moans filled the room. I got up, watched that gigantic cock moving in and out of mom’s big hairy pussy while a load thumping sound and made me crazy for mom.

I got around to let mom feels my presence close to her, watching her! A moment passed; she opened eyes to see me watching! Uncle took his cock out of mom’s pussy suddenly, in a confusion on his face got to bathroom.

Mom’s pussy was wide open because of big fat cock of uncle Archi’s strong fuck! Mom couldn’t move to hide her open pussy it seemed as everything was still for ages! Then I moved out headed to my room leaving mom naked as she was.

Next morning, mom came to my room kissed my cheeks, hugged me and said, “My darling son, worry not please it’s life and your mom is in love with you!” A long pause and I said, “Mom may I kiss on your lips please?” she came close, hugged me tight and brought her lips so close to mine that I felt her fragrant breath in my nose, I couldn’t bear the charm! I started kissing in mom’s lips, pushed my tongue in her mouth! started sucking on her sweet tongue, she was 37 a young lady and I was a young boy!

Mom pushed me aside trying to catch her breath, I don’t know where from? my throat? a voice appeared, “Mom I want fuck you! I want fuck you mom!” .... She looked in my eyes, “You want fuck your mom?” ...

I again hugged her, pushed my lips on hers, I squeezed on her round boobs, “I want see your boobs mom, I want suck on them mom please!” I started taking her shirt off while She kept quiet! I got her boobs naked in moments, I sucked on my feeding nipples for more than ages! She kept looking in my face, didn’t say a word, I got my time to remove her trousers...she hesitated a bit and lost resistance I got her pussy naked! I had fucked mom months ago, in her unconscious state, now I was ready to face mom as a lover, I was ready to burry my 5 inches cock in mom’s big pussy and say to her, “I love you!” ...

I fixed the tip of my small cock on the opening of mom’s pussy! She was wet to welcome to receive my throbbing cock; my cock was slim and hard! Suddenly she pushed me away and got up grabbing her trousers and shirt she rushed out!

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