My Mom And Her Old Friend: Pt 2

by Magi (Canada)

I returned from office just before the evening and found my mom and M seated on a wide comfy couch with leg rests watching TV. I went straight to my mom to lie my head on her lap and my thighs conveniently across aunt M's lap. I declared: I am too tired today!! Aunt smiled nervously as she tried to act natural and place her hands across my thighs just above my knees, my skirt might have by now moved up to my panties. She ran her eyes all over my body and started to slowly stroke my thighs.

I requested my mom to massage my head and shoulder so that I could relax for some time. She started the massage starting from my forehead to my neck below as she stooped her body towards me. I could see her bra-less boobs just above my face. They started to move in concert with her rhythmic massage. My little nipples stood up against my thin t-shirt … her boobs touched over my face from time to time I relished their smell and also felt the warmth.

Suddenly I thought mom turn towards M, I would be able to entice her to move her breasts closer to my mouth. So I did, and she readily complied with my request. M also spread her legs so that my head was quite close to her crotch with one foot on the floor and the other on one side of my body. She was wearing a pair of shorts that showed off her legs. I could smell her pussy – musky pee smell, heavy and erotic.

Mmm.. it feels so good … I murmured to M and mom. My pussy was very wet and I was sure, aunt M could smell it. She kept glancing at my panties from time to time. Her breasts rubbed against my thighs and I could feel the softness through t-shirt. She was too bra-less. I was wondering what the two women were doing in my absence!! It was now getting dark, none cared to put on the room light.

I managed to position mom in a way that one breast started to rub against my mouth. I felt her shudder as my mouth played with the thin fabric of her t-shirt and moved closer to her nipple. Without giving her time to react, I lifted her t-shirt took her nips into my mouth. She tried to push back, but I held her tight. Finally, she relented, allowing me to suck on. I now reached under her t-shirt up exposing her boobs in my hands but she kept the edge of the shirt down covering my hands.

I noticed aunt M watching us with her mouth wide open. Suddenly I told her that mom was in my bed last night and I enjoyed as to she did to me. M whispered to show me how she breast fed me. There was no bar between us now…

Mom looked at me for a few seconds, then took off her t-shirt and leaned towards me. She almost jumped as my mouth started sucking her nipple like a baby. She moaned as she felt the force of my sucking. Her hands automatically moved to my small breasts, took off my bra and started rubbing them over the blouse. I reached down and unbuttoned it, exposing my little buds to her eager fingers. I felt my aunt moving up towards them too. Her hands were shaking as much as my moms as they started to caress them.

"Her nipples are so cute but hot," I heard M say to my mom. "Can I kiss them sis?" she asked my mom.

M got off the couch and straddled my thighs. I felt her pussy rub against my thighs as she leaned over started to lick my tummy and started moving up. I felt my aunt's tongue lick around my nipple sucking on the puffy areola. She was gentle and slow. She continued exploring the area around my nipple while my mom rubbed my other nipple. I widened my thighs so that M could rub one of her hers against my crotch. M was softly telling me that she can grow my boobs to a good size if I wished. ‘HMMMM, I would love that’, I replied.

I kept sucking mom's nipple hard taking as much of it as I could into my mouth. I switched over to the other nipple under her instructions. In the mean time, my aunt was rubbing her pussy against my thigh as she sucked my nipple. She had managed to take her panties off and I could feel her shaved wet pussy on my thighs. I liked my nipple sucked hard by her … she held it between her teeth as she sucked the whole breast into her mouth.

I scooted a little lower so that I could start to kiss mom. Her full lips started exploring mine and her tongue rushed into my mouth. We kept kissing hard while my aunt took care of my breasts, now massaging them. I was getting hornier by the second as I felt my mom's tongue in my mouth. I pushed her away for a moment and asked both mom and M to remove their skirts and panties.

She lifted me off her lap and they both got naked. I laid my mom on her back I reached out to massage her swollen pussy lips. I started to lick the length of her opening. She settled into a rhythm, rocking against my face. I pushed my tongue right into her pussy feeling it opening up. I felt M move lower starting to waist she spread my legs and start to lick my pussy. Her finger found my opening and I was amazed at her gentleness in pushing her finger into my tight pussy. I licked mom harder as I started to feel closer to my climax. M’s tongue and finger led me to body-shaking orgasms.

Mom moved back to let me lick her pussy and I kept licking her clit making her jump every time my tongue came into contact with the little bud. Within a few minutes she came again and again. I held onto her tight as she rocked against me. She finally pushed me away saying that her clit was getting too sensitive. I rocked my hips against aunt’s sucking mouth to my pussy and I felt another wave of my climax approaching. I can't remember how many times.

This night I asked my mom to sleep with me as she was to leave for home next morning. We kissed, hug and sucked each other’s boobs at our heart’s content. I came thrice in quick succession. I confessed to her about my small boobs for my age and tired of using padded bra on my lesser than 32A for the last few years.

I was cheating with myself and could not attract any boyfriends!! But I wanted an active sex life of my own. Mom assured me that she had talked to M about it and she would help me to overcome this problem. She informed me that M has agreed to allow me to stay with her as long as I wished. She wanted a companion and here I was!!

Next two days were a weekend, Saturday – no office for me and mom left for home soon after breakfast. At night M and I had an exclusive talk as to how I could enlarge my boobs. She assured me of her help and I was to have the desired result within 6 to 8 months. She would start teaching me boob-exercise from next morning. At the night we shared a same bed kissing, fondling each other’s pussy, boobs and body, and she explored my tits and pussy closely …

Next morning she took me to bathroom, undressed me but my panties was there and sat me on a chair with short back so that one can recline on it moving towards a wall. Soaked two hand towels with hot water, she put them on my boobs. She did it for about 20 minutes. My small tits got red and too warm due to this hot compression.

Then she took a bottle of olive oil, poured some on her palm and started massaging my tits, kneading lightly and drawing her palm from underneath the little space beneath my tits to up – ending with twitching my nips. This went on for another 20 minutes. I was getting horny, I told her so! She stopped and restarted hot towel compression on the tits for another 10 or 15 minutes. Done for today and I had a quick shower.

I was told to do this exercise every day before shower for the next one month. And if I wanted I could invite her to help me. I did it for couple of days but I thought her massaging was better. Yes, I could see the change in the development of my tits as I started wearing bra without adding any pad underneath by the end of the month. The next schedule was the same exercise for every alternative day for another month. Then, once a week for another month….

YES, by the end of the fourth month I asked M to accompany me to the mall, to the lady’s section. She understood and helped me sorting a fitting bra for me. In the trial room she probably checked the right size with a dozen bras on me. The young sales girl was there who admired my firm perky boobs. We returned with six 34B bras with matching panties/thong of different colors and forms – thanks to M. I made her gift with two pair of 36D bras that gave good lift to the weight of her boobs. Now I do this olive oil massage once every week and it gave me good skin tone as well as added a desirable size to my boobs!

During all these months I shared her bed when felt horny. She knew very well how to suck boobs and pussy. I tried to do the same to her – her large nips were a great joy to suck on while fingering her pussy. The best part was to smell her pussy and suck thick slightly protruding pussy lips of her while stroking the clit – invariably bringing her climaxes.

Physical love and eroticism were growing fast between us and we both loved it. My cunt was tight and she helped loosening it through massaging the lips and fingering it. That Christmas, she presented me a small box asking me to open it in my bedroom. It contained a cute vibrator for my pussy!!

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