My Mom And Her Old Friend: Pt 1

by Magi (Canada)

Mom and her old friend

Yes, it’s a real story. Soon after passing out of my high school I got a job at a town in different state. I needed a modest accommodation there and looking for someone known there. My mom was more enthusiastic and she got a phone number of one of her old friends living there.

Let us call her aunt M. As arranged she would look for a suitable place for my stay and meanwhile, my mom would accompany me to her place and to meet her after a long time. It was a 2-room house, I settled myself in the second smaller room and M asked my mom to share her room.

My mom was hot for her age of 42 with awesome 36B cups with little sag. Her body was curvy with a slight bump right above her waist that made her look sexy in hugging dresses. She divorced my dad when I was in my early teens. Her friend, M was 38 yo and still unmarried.

She seemed to be with 36D boobs the looked firm in her bra with similar body of my mom. At my first look, I wondered at her breasts and wished I had half of those assets. I did not have enough tits to attract any boy friend – frustrating at the age passed 18!!

I joined my job next day and came back in the evening happily. As I entered the house using my spare key, something really weird happened. The whole house was quiet – I was looking for my mom and aunt M. I walked into my mom’s bedroom and found them hugging and kissing. I could not be sure since it was evening and the lights were out in the room.

It took couple of seconds to adjust my eyes with room light. My aunt was without her bra and wearing a thong only. She had her t-shirt lifted up to expose her breasts and my mom’s boobs were encased in an off-white lacy bra. My mom blushed and I rushed out of the room as fast as possible.

I could not erase the incident out of my mind for the whole night and continued reflecting aunt M's breasts. I could not feel sleeping. I had my hand between my legs and my hands were wet with my juices, masturbating. I do love to masturbate and one of my favorite acts is to rub my pussy on a soft toy or finger coated with my spit.

When I am in the bath I love to have the hand shower directed to my clit. So this night I came hard rubbing my engorged pussy while thinking of my aunt’s boobs. My nipples were hard and gave me an exquisite feeling when I rubbed them against the pillow. I must have fallen asleep soon after.

In the morning I was still half sleep when I heard a sudden gasp and realized that my mom was in the room. But I pretended to be asleep face down. To my surprise, my mom didn't leave. I felt her lying by my side. Her hand started to caress my back. I could feel her bra and her hot breath against my neck. She kissed me on the nape of my neck. I felt her hand reaching under me caressing the side of my small breasts.

I started breathing fast and I was getting wet again. Her other hand caressed my back moving lower towards my butt. I heard a soft snapping sound and after a few seconds I felt her exposed boobs against my side. It was warm and soft and the nipple was hard. I didn't know what to do. Her lips were now on my cheek, kissing me repeatedly and now I could not resist myself from reciprocating her kisses by lifting my head a little.

My body shuddered as I felt her hand traveled l down to my body. Her hands reached my pussy which was jutting out from between my legs in my position – I just made room for her hand by opening my legs. She now started rubbing my slit while rubbing her own pussy and abruptly as it all started, she stopped – she might have reached her own orgasms. I was annoyed that my mom stopped short of helping me from giving an orgasm and left! I also started to wonder what it was like to rub each other’s boobs and pussy.

I got up to wash up and get ready for breakfast and then to my office. My mom was with M when I went for breakfast. My mom avoided looking into my eyes. I coolly went up to her and hugged her making sure she got a deep touch of my falls A cups in the padded bra – whispered into her ear to say thank you! I then kissed aunty M on her cheeks. Yes, I was getting hold of the way to a sexy turn.

(cont... 2)

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