My Married Sister

by Sukhvinder (United Kingdom)

Hi I’m 41 years old Indian guy been married to my wife for 15 years and happy, anyway my sister who is 42 years old and married to her husband for 18 years and also happy.

I never saw my sister in a sexual way until last year when we all went on holiday and everybody went to the pool but my sister was missing so my brother in law (my sister’s husband) give me his hotel room key and I went to get my sister.

As I opened the hotel room door my sister was in the shower and on her bed was red gstrings and bra and a short black dress, I don’t know why but my cock shot up 8” hard I was only wearing tight shorts so any one would be able to see my dick.

Anyway because I didn’t want my sister to see my cock I decided to hide behind the door but I could still see my sister in the shower through the crack in the door and to my amazements my sister had the perfect body her lovely tits just right!

And my sisters ass just turned me on and my sisters Fanny was a little hairy but nice and had water dripping down her lovely pussy!

I couldn’t take it anymore so I took my shorts off and started to masterbate and shot my sperm on my sisters red gstrings which was on her bed.

Then suddenly my sister comes out of the shower naked I was behind the door and I saw my sister and confronted her, she was shocked and said what the fuck you doing to me and I said wow your so beautiful and pretty and sexy and perfect in every way and I wanna fuk ya.

My sister looked horrified and scared and said what the fuk ur my brother! By this time I’ve grabbed my sister and bent her over and put my 8” dick deep fully inside my sisters pussy and pumped her doggie style hardcore pounding her bum cheeks while holding her arms up and then my sister fell on the bed.

I spread her legs apart and started licking my sisters clit my tongue was licking her pussy up and down and my sister was struggling and saying no plz no ur my brother please stop don’t....but my sister came juiced every were but before she knew it my 8” dick was fully inside her pussy.

I thrust deep inside her, in and out pumping my sisters Fanny while I licked and suck her tits and tried kissing her then I finally shot my sperm deep inside her pussy I could feel my sperm shooting inside my sisters fanny hot wet pussy but I carried on FUKING her and cum again.

Then I turned her over and rubbing my sperm into my sisters ass then put my 8” cock fully inside my sisters ass hole and FUKED her ass hardcore until I shot my sperm inside my sisters ass!

Then I kissed my sister and said thanks that was the best sex ever and my sister was shocked and confused and said she never seen so much sperm before in her life and told me to fuk off and said no one can ever find out about this then my sister got dressed and we both walked down to the swimming pool and met our family and said nothing...

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