My Maid And Me Lockdowned

by Anonymous (Puerto Rico)

This Puerto Rico town was locked down since last week and from day before yesterday a curfew was imposed. My 18 yo old maid could not leave my apartment to her home 8 miles away as no transport was running and so, I asked her to stay back till things get normal. I was fond of her and she took good care of me. In fact, I liked her developing body since she joined her job about 6 months back. I provided her new dresses, lingerie and cosmetics from time to time.

After supper in the evening we had literally nothing to do but watching TV. During lockdown, she would come to my room before retiring to her room to inquire whether I needed anything. Last Saturday night I was watching a porn movie on TV. I was too engrossed stroking my erect cock to masturbate to notice that she was at the door and trying to say something. Turning my head back I was a little bit embarrassed. But that was too late. I asked her to join me watching the movie. In a short while I noticed her hand under her skirt. The movie ended at about 11 and she returned to her room.

The following night she was working in a more or less unmindful state. However, at night she asked whether she could watch movie with me before retiring to her room. Of course, I said. This time it was a porn between older man and younger girls of her age. All of a sudden she commented: ‘my body is better than her’!! The movie was over in a short while, the old man moved on his back and the girl was panting after heavy climaxing. Her comment startled me and could guess what she had meant….

I took her hand and told her to get undressed in the bathroom but to leave her panties on. I could hardly stand the suspense, waiting to see her naked body. She came out of the bathroom and stood next to where I was lying on the bed. I gasped as I saw her perfect figure. She had a pair of B-cup boobs with darkened small areolas and beaded dark nipples. The bikini-cut panties hugged her hips, and I could see a perfect cameltoe in her vulva nestled in the gap between the slender thighs.

‘OMG! I didn't know what was under your regular working dress, but I now you've got a gorgeous body.' I responded. She blushed a little and said, 'Thanks, Mister.'

Still lying on bed, I pulled the covers back to reveal my nakedness to her. She in turn gasped as she saw my erection. I invited her to lay down beside me, and I put my arm around her. With her head in the crook of my shoulder we kissed. As I opened my mouth to admit her tongue, I felt her hand grasp the shaft of my cock.

I couldn't wait any longer, I cupped her breast and, my thumb caressed her areola, feeling its puffiness. A shiver of excitement ran through her body and I saw her small tits, sexy, swollen, dark-brown mound topped by small nips. As I slid my hand down across her flat, taut tummy and inside the waistband of her panties and cupped her plump pussy against her clasping thighs, I moaned in appreciation. I pressed my middle finger into the tight furrow formed by fleshy labia, feeling her wetness.

The tip of my finger found the very hot, very wet opening of her vagina causing more moans and a tightening of her grip on my shaft. She gasped as I pushed my finger inside her up to the second knuckle. I was sure she had never had her g-spot massaged. I curled my finger and began rubbing the inside of her vagina. Her body began to tremble and jerk. This went on for a few minutes, and I sensed that she was almost to reach orgasm…….

I removed my hand from inside her panties and got up. Hooking my thumbs inside the waistband of her panties, I drew them down. She lifted her buttock, allowing me to remove them fully. My face was inches away from her gorgeous pussy with sparse hairs on her mons and the folds of her inner labia showing through her tight slit.

As I pushed my tongue in between her plump labia and tasted her juices, I became a little light headed. I finally coaxed her clit out of its hood and began to suck it and flick it with the tip of my tongue. At the same time, I curled my finger inside her vagina and massaged her g-spot. The combination of the two was having its desired effect. She began to tremble, and her whole body seemed to come alive as she slowly started to reach her expected orgasm. Her body shuddered as her abdomen started to quiver in waves, and she clenched hard my head with my final quick flicking of my tongue on the engorged clit.

"Oh God, oh God, oh God, oh God Ummmmmmmm!" she cried as she dropped into the seemingly endless abyss of her orgasms. Her thighs snapped shut on my head, and she had her hands on the back of my head as she pushed her crotch into my face grinding her clit into my mouth. It was if she was having an epileptic fit, she was shaking so much. This went on for two long minutes until she began to calm; her body became limp, and her legs and arms fell to her sides. Small jerks and tics like mini aftershocks came and went.

She finally opened her eyes, looked at me and burst into tears. I moved up beside her and put my arm around her and pulled on to my chest. Her tears fell off her cheeks onto my chest as she hugged me. She finally stopped crying and looked up and me and smiled. We lay there entwined for 15 minutes or so. She finally realized I was still hard as a rock and had not climaxed. She moved down and took the shaft of my cock in her hand.

She put the head of my cock in her mouth and began to suck it and swirl her tongue around its tip. At the same time, she stroked the shaft. I've never done this before, so tell me if I'm not doing it right," she said. It was OK I only could whisper!!

After five minutes of fellating me, I had to stop her because I was about to cum. I said, "I want my cock inside your pussy."

I got back between her legs and swiped the head of my cock up and down her red, engorged cleft, juices oozing her plump pussy. After positioning its bulbous, purple head at her entrance, I pushed. As I kept up the pressure, I could feel the tight ring of skin slowly dilate, and with a small whimper, I entered her tight, hot pussy - slowly. It felt so good so good, I love how tight but soft and smooth she was! I should have fucked her earlier.

I pushed some more, and in one continuous stroke, I buried all of my cock inside her. I put her legs around my waist and her hands around my neck, and she pulled me down on top of her almost squashing her firm breasts against my chest. I was so aroused at bringing her to first orgasm that I knew it would not take long for me to cum.

"Are you on the pill or anything?" I asked not wanting to get her pregnant. "No, I'm not, and I got lucky with my boyfriend who gave me pills." I went back to thrusting in and out of her tight, wet pussy. A few minutes later, I felt my orgasm closing in, so I pushed in hard and released all thick rope of white viscous liquid in gushes deep into her cunt. I was breathing heavily as I collapsed upon her, empty but happy and contented.

She got off the bed and went to my bathroom and cleaned up. A few minutes later she got back into bed, pulled the covers over us and snuggled up to my side. We dozed off for a couple of hours and made love again. Finally, at two o'clock in the morning, after I had spurted a small amount of semen into her mouth, we both fell into a deep and satisfying slumber.

Puerto Rice is now under lock down due to coronavirus pandemic and curfew has been clamped during the night. My sweet maid is being completely interned in my apartment and there is no bar to our having unlimited fun. From yesterday we have decided to roam indoor completely in nude!!

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