My Loving Sons: Part 7

by J (Soviet Kanukistan)

Alex was still hard inside me. I could feel every inch of him, rubbing against my swollen, sensitive sex and I loved it.

"Mom" he panted. "Holy fuck mom. I just, we just... fuck," isn't that the truth. "Was that ok?"

"Yes, honey," I sighed, gently biting his ear. "It was ok. Though, I have to tell you something. Something pretty serious; your brothers all got to me first."

"Jesus Christ! did they rape you?"

I laughed, "no silly. I fucked them. Each one of them, more than once, actually. They all did what you just did, they filled me up with their cum and I loved every second of it."

"Fuck, mom," said my youngest, most precious son, pumping his throbbing member in and out of my tight cunt. "You're such a slut."

He fucked me again. Now, having found his rhythm, he fucked me hard and fast, jackhammering into my cunt and making me cry out in ecstasy as he fucked his mother. I dug my nails into his back and wrapped my legs around his hips, urging him on with dirty, filthy, slutty words, thrusting my hips to match him.

He pushed me to one, then two, then three shuddering orgasms, lasting longer than any other of my boys before surprising me. He pulled his iron-hard cock out of my dripping cunt and shoved it in my mouth. "Swallow me, mom," he muttered as I instinctively sucked him, trying to pull his cum out of him and into my mouth. "Suck my cum out and swallow every drop. I'm the first one to do this to you, right? None of the others had you swallow their hot load?" I nodded and he fucked my throat, bringing tears of joy to my eyes. "Good, get ready, I'm about to... to... FUCK YEAH!"

If anything, this load felt bigger than the one he had just buried in my womb, and it tasted unbelievably amazing. Salty and sweet and deliciously sinful. I kept him in my mouth, swallowing every ropey spurt as it left him and trying to suck every last drop from his balls.

When he finished, he collapsed beside me and idly grabbed one of my tits, playing with the hard nipple as I savoured my last mouthful of his load. Swallowing, I said, "you were wonderful, baby. Now, get dressed and go downstairs, I need to talk to you all and I don't want any confusion."

Looking crestfallen, he gave my tits each a parting kiss before pulling on a pair of sweat pants and heading downstairs. I could hear, through the door he left open, his brothers laughing and congratulating him. They asked what it had been like and if he had been surprised. I could hear them slapping his back and telling him what order they'd had me in.

I lay, listening to my boys talk about me like I was some kind of sex toy. My legs were still spread and Alex's cum rippled out of my pussy, idly, I gathered some on a finger and popped it in my mouth, thinking.

"How was he?" asked a voice from the door. Stephan, wearing his pyjamas, stood framed by the light from the hall. "Can you hear them? Savages."

"He was wonderful, though, don't tell anyone but I think you're the best at it."

"Yeah," I could hear the smile in his voice, even if I couldn't see it. "I'm a bit older, more experienced. If this keeps happening, I'm sure they'll all reach my level eventually." He came into the room. "Do you think it'll keep happening?"

"Yes. But I want them to know something first because, yes, I can hear them. I know that they've started thinking of me as something they can just use whenever they feel randy-"

"Is that not true?"

"I'm still their mother, Stephan. Slut or not, I'm still responsible for them and reserve the right to say no, or rather, I reserve the right to say yes." He nodded. He was so smart and I was incredibly proud of him. "Do me a favour, sweetie?" Again, he nodded. "Get me my robe from my closet? I have to talk to them."

My eldest son brought me my robe and kissed me lightly on the lips before going downstairs to join his brothers. Waiting a few minutes, composing myself and arranging what I had to say, I followed. All conversation stopped when I came down the stairs, five pairs of eyes, blue and green, turned to look at me.

Stephan winked and smiled, encouraging. Squaring my shoulders I took my place at the table and said, "boys, we need to talk." Silence, I continued. "We've all had fun, some," I looked at Rand and Mat, "more than others. But this is serious stuff. You've all fucked me, more than once and that was, as I said, fun. But that's all it can be, understand?" Nods. "I heard you talking about me as though I was some blow-up doll that you could pass around at your leisure. I'm still your mother and for fuck's sake, literally, you will do as I say. Understand?"

"Mom, what're you saying?" asked Tom.

"Basically, so long as you do what I want, what I say and respect the rules of consent-you all learned them in school and by Christ, if I have to re-teach them to you then you lose all privileges- we can keep having fun. I want to keep fucking you, boys, and I know you want to fuck me. But, that means you'll cook, clean, do your homework and keep the curfew, all without bitching. Am I clear?"

They nodded enthusiastically.

"Excellent, is breakfast ready?"

"Not yet, mom."

"That's ok, Tom. You go and finish up then we'll eat. In the meantime," I said, standing and pulling my robe off. "If anyone wants to have a turn, you just have to ask." Of course, everyone's hands went up, except Tom who looked thoroughly disappointed to have a chore. But I could see that he was going to do his best, and earn his reward. "Good," I pointed at Stephan, "then we'll go in age order today."

Grinning, my eldest stood and pulled off his clothes, then came around the table to me and, pulling me close, kissed me passionately. He laid me back on the table and slipped his rock-hard cock into my still damp and a little sore love-tunnel. He fucked me slowly, taking his time and emphasizing my pleasure. Rand and Mat each started sucking a nipple and rubbing my spread pussy-lips and clit. I was in heaven. I came like a firecracker, arching my back and closing my eyes, screaming as I creamed on my son's dick, spurred on by the lips and fingers of two other creatures whom I had given birth to.

The force of my climax pushed Stephan over the edge and he filled me with his hot incestuous sperm. "Thank you," he said, leaning down and French kissing me before pulling out and taking his seat at the table.

"Can I fuck you now, mom?" asked Rand and Mat at the same time.

"Hold on a sec," I panted, getting up from the table. "Rand, lay down on the floor, there," he did. "Great," I straddled him in cowgirl and slipped his cock inside myself, sighing at the pleasure of my son fucking himself into me, his mother. "Now, Mat," I said, leaning forward, ready to indulge in something I hadn't gotten since college. "Get over here and, gently mind you, fuck my ass." He did.

I started cumming almost as soon as he slipped himself inside me and screamed my way through three more orgasms before the twins blew their loads into me. When I got off of Rand, Tom was naked in front of me. "My turn, right, mom?" The table was loaded with food and Stephan, now joined by Rand and Mat, was tucking in greedily.

"Save some for me," I said before grabbed Tom by the dick and guiding him onto the ground, and directing Alex to double penetrate me with him. I was truly in heaven and fucked all five of my sons intermittently through the rest of the day, never saying no when they asked.

I knew that when my husband came back, I would have some explaining to do, but for now, I was content to have my incestuous harem and cum as many times a day as humanly possible. Of course, I never heard a word of complaint from my lovers and for the rest of the duration of Mark's business trip, we all slept in the California King sized bed in my room, fucking until we passed out and more than once, waking up to being fucked.

I loved every second of it.

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