My Loving Sons: Part 6

by J (Soviet Kanukistan)

Stepping out of the shower was a surreal experience, as it tends to be for me. I love my time under the hot water, letting my troubles rinse away. Of course, sometimes the power shower and detachable head come in handy as well but that day, I was in no mood for artificial help. The only thing on my mind was Alex.

I decided that, for him, I would have to do things differently. I needed to broach the topic carefully before taking him. Idly, as I looked through my closet, I wondered if he was a virgin. I certainly didn't know anything to the contrary of that idea, but he wasn't the same as Stephan. I didn't know every detail of his life.

Deciding to start with my underwear first, I wanted this to be special for him, even if he already knew what he was doing, I left my racks of clothes and opened my dresser. Green was his favourite colour, so I picked a green bra and matching panties, picked out in gold lace. The bra was a back-clasp, one of the few I owned, but as I said, I wanted this to be more for him than me.

I tucked myself into the bra, which pushed my tits up beautifully and pulled on the panties before stepping back to admire the effect. If I walked into the kitchen looking like this, all of Alex's older brothers would have pounded me mercilessly until I begged to be released.

My mind made up I went back to the closet and took out a white button-down blouse with flowers embroidered on the left breast and a pair of casual if form-fitting trousers. I wanted, desperately to wear one of my "easy access" skirts with tall white socks, but slut clothes could wait.

Going barefoot I left my room and walked slowly, purposefully down the hall. My pussy was already soaking the green panties as I thought about what I was going to do, what I had already done. I'd taken morality right next to two of my boys' virginity and thrown it to the breeze but that hardly bothered me. I just wanted to conquer the last one.

Stephan was going into his room but paused as I came out of mine, looking at me, the sun at my back, I imagined he saw a goddess. This idea was confirmed when he came down the hall, swept me up in his arms and kissed me. "Goodmorning, goddess," he said. Then grinned, "I always thought I would have to wait to find 'the one' to be able to say that and mean it. Is it time?" I nodded.

He kissed me again, lightly and squeezed my ass cheeks, "go get him, tiger." Then he went into his room.

I hesitated before opening Alex's door. What would he say when he saw me? What would he do when I went to fuck him? What if he was gay? If that last option turned out to be true, I'd be disappointed that I couldn't complete my set but, nothing else would change. I took a deep breath and pushed open the door.

The room was silent and still dark. Alex had his blinds drawn and was sleeping peacefully. I sat on the bed beside him and brushed his hair away from his face. My heart filled with love, looking at his angelic sleeping face. My cunt throbbed with longing too.

"Alex," I said, softly. "Time to wake up, Alex."

His eyes blinked open. They were green, like mine, like Stephan's. "Hmm? What time is it?"

I smiled and kissed his forehead, narrowly avoiding the urge to kiss his lips. "Time to get up, baby. Here, sit up, I have some questions I want to ask you."

He rose slowly, still foggy from sleep. "Hmm. Yeah?"

"What was that girl's name again?"

"Huh? Sarah. Why?"

"No reason really, what do you think you're going to do about her? What do you want?"

He looked away, blushing slightly when I asked what he wanted. Which gave me every answer I could have asked for. "Oh," I said with a sly smile, "that. I don't want this to be a strange question but, have you ever done that before?"

"No. But I want to, I just... haven't met the right person, you know?"

"The right person meaning someone willing?"

He grinned ruefully, "more or less."

"Here," I said pulling at his sheets, "sit next to me." He blushed furiously and pulled the sheets back but not before I caught a glimpse of a beautiful erection. Morning wood and sleeping in the buff, I knew there was a reason Alex was my favourite. "Sorry," I said. "Didn't realize. So, your mom waking you up makes you hard?"

He narrowed his eyes at me, clearly thinking that I was mocking him. "No," he said. "Come on, mom, you're old enough to know what a morning wood is."

I laughed and ruffled his hair. "Yes, baby I know. Tell me something, what do you do about it?"

He shrugged. "Nothing normally, it kind fades on its own. Why?"

"Just curious," I said, my blouse wasn't buttoned all the way and I could see his eyes occasionally drift down to my cleavage and green bra. "Do you like that, son?" I asked. To his entreaty to explain what I meant I said, "you know, I wore it just for you." Colour drained from his face before flooding back.

"WHAT?" he squeaked.

Saying nothing, I undid a couple more buttons, then brought one of his hands up and cupped it gently around my breast before leaning in and kissing him lightly on the lips. He responded, kissing me before pulling back, his hand leaving my breast and the sheet covering his lap jerking as more blood thundered into his rod.

"What're you doing?" He squeaked again.

I followed him, the last couple of buttons coming open. "I want to teach you, Alex," I said, kissing him again now that he was pinned between me and the wall. "If you'll have me that is."

"You're being serious?"

"How could I be joking?" I asked, guiding his hands up to slide of my shirt. "I'll guide you every step, baby. Just make sure you're paying attention, there'll be a test, ok?"

He kissed me again, his hands tracing down my shoulders and my arms before circling my waist and pulling me close. His tongue very tentatively sought out mine and entwined with it. I let us move at his pace, going as fast or as slow as we needed to. He broke the kiss and very lightly brushed his lips down my jaw and across my collarbone before tenderly kissing the swell of my breasts.

Then his hands ran up my back, sending lightning bolts of pleasure racing across my skin and he, somewhat clumsily unhooked my bra. But he still managed it. Freeing my tits, he locked his lips around my nipples and suckled me like he was a baby again.

I reached out and pushed the blanket away from his hard dick before wrapping my slender fingers around his hard shaft. "Oh fuck mom," he muttered against my chest. I wanted to laugh but instead, I brought his mouth up to mine and kissed him as I lightly stroked his hard shaft.

Several minutes later, his hands found the clasp of my jeans and opened it; then, he was sliding them over my tight round ass and running his hands over my soft, hairless skin. When the pants were off, he worshiped my legs the same way he had done to my tits before bringing his head back up to mine and kissing me. "Rub me," I instructed, taking his hand and putting it against my panty-covered cunt. "Rub me, here, nice and gentle."

I gasped as he did as I instructed. In no time, my panties were off and he was sliding his fingers into me, still suckling my tits. "Now," I said, "climb on top of me." He blinked in surprise before doing so. "Here," I took his cock and pointed it at the entrance to my dripping cunt. "I'm so wet you don't need anything else, but generally she sucks you first or your use some lube, just to make things easier."

He sighed in delight as he entered my love-tunnel, burying himself to the hilt, then kissed me. "Now what?" I told him to saw himself back and forth, that he was doing wonderfully and not to stop until he was finished.

Looking at the look of bliss on his face as my own son lost his virginity to me, his mother pushed me so close to orgasm. "That's it, baby," I whispered as he fucked me, building to a steady, pounding rhythm. "You won't hurt me, Just go until you can't anymore."

I reached between my legs and rubbed my clit as he rode me like a stallion. Grunting and groaning together we fucked for nearly ten minutes before he panted, "mom! mom! I'm gonna cum!"

"Just do it, baby!" I hissed back, needing to feel him.

"Inside you?"

"YEESSS!" He came and the force of his fucking increased as he did. The knowledge that I had now had each and every one of my own children, my own sons, cum inside me; that I had taken three of their virginities and now had unlimited access to their cocks; that knowledge of my own status as a dirty fucking whore pushed me over the edge. I screamed in pleasure.

When he rolled off of me, he could only utter one word. "Thanks."

No, son. Thank you.

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