My Loving Sons: Part 5

by J (Soviet Kanukistan)

Walking up the stairs in my birthday suit with my son's cum still leaking out of my cunt was so deliciously brazen. Every step I imagined that one or more of my boys would appear, push me down and have his way with me. Sadly, I remained completely unmolested as I climbed to the upstairs landing and stood in front of the door to Stephan's room.

Marveling at how good it felt to be naked in a way that I had not been since Stephan was old enough to notice the difference between men and women. I turned the knob and pushed my son's door open.

Stephan was as naked as I was and whirled around to look when the hinges creaked. One of his hands was wrapped around his erection, which was so hard that it pointed nearly straight up. I closed the door behind me and stalked across the room towards him, Tom's cum dripping down onto the hardwood floor of his eldest brother's room.

Stephan watched me come closer, his hand working slowly up and down the iron-hard length of his member, his eyes roaming all over my body. His back was to his bed and when I reached him, I pushed him lightly. He fell onto the mattress and stared up at me as, without breaking stride, I climbed up to straddle him.

Without a word, I lined up Stephan's cock with the place from which he'd entered the world and slid down the long hard shaft until our hips touched. I rode him, long and slow, feeling every inch of him deep inside me. His hips rose with every roll of mine and we flowed together in perfect motion; his hands gripped my ass, guiding me, caressing me, accentuating the pleasure.

I threw my head back and moaned, long and loud, I didn't care if anyone heard us. The only son who had yet to fuck me was Alex, and that was only because of bad timing. Still grinding against me, Stephan rose and wrapped his arms around my torso, kissing my neck, thrilling me with every touch of his lips, his fingers on my back and his tongue.

Slowly, he rolled over so that I was under him and he kissed me. Pushing his tongue gently into his mother's mouth I received him his lusty purpose; our mouths mirrored the thrust of our hips as the pace of his fucking increased.

He built to a steady, pounding rhythm, burying his cockhead as deep inside his mother as he could with each stroke.

Breaking the kiss he ran his tongue down my chin and throat and chest before taking one of my nipples into his mouth. He lashed it with his tongue and teased it with his teeth while his free hand, the one not engaged in holding himself up ran from my hip to my breast and back, thrilling me with his touch, pushing me ever closer.

My orgasm, when it came was slow. It crested like a wave and Stephan, clearly the most skilled of my new lovers, changed his thrusts to draw it out. His free hand went to my clit and rubbed me, pressing the tiny button and pulling shuddering gasps from my throat which he stole with gentle kisses.

When that orgasm was done, he changed again, pounding me hard and fast. He held his upper body still above me and punished my pussy with the force of his jackhammering thrusts. He pushed and pulled and forced me to an orgasm so intense that I hardly noticed when he flooded my pussy with his cum. It mixed with his brother's inside me as he emptied what felt like liters of the stuff deep into his mother's pussy.

His eyes were closed, his mouth slightly open, his breath hissing through his nose when I came back to my senses. Gently, oh so gently I reached up and brought his lips down to meet mine. When I broke the kiss his eyes, my eyes, a clear coke-bottle green looked down at me with such tender affection that I almost lost myself in them. "The others?" he asked, his voice low and deep and still husky with lust.

I nodded, unable or unwilling to admit it. I was a slut, a whore, a goddess of sex. I fucked my boys, own dear loving sons. He went down the list, naming each of his brothers in turn, I nodded at each name, giving one-word answers like, 'yesterday' for Rand and Mat or 'kitchen' for Tom. When he asked about Alex, I shook my head. He blinked slowly at me before asking, "Why?"

I didn't answer. I couldn't answer. The only reason that I had yet to finish the circuit, to fuck each of the beings to which I had given birth, was that Alex hadn't been in the right headspace at the time. "Today?" asked Stephan. He was a man of so few words, I loved that about him. I wanted to kiss him again; I put my hands on his hard, firm ass and pulled gently, trying to bring his body down to mine.

"Why, mom?"

The question hurt. Not because it was wrong, not because he was wrong for asking, not even because it offended me. I just didn't know. I wasn't sex-starved like some housewives I read about. I wasn't dependent on my husband or my sons for money (some quality investments had paid off to the extent that I basically retired a long time ago). I loved my husband and wanted nothing more from life. But, but I had sex with my sons, some more than once. Ten times in total now, or maybe nine, I was already losing count.

"I don't know," I said finally. "I just wanted to." He kissed me, teasing me with his lips.

"Again?" he asked, a smile in his voice.

I left his room with another load in my cunt when he was finished with me. As I walked down the hall to the master bedroom I paused outside Alex's door. He was the one who woke latest. Rand and Mat would be up soon to meet their brothers in the kitchen for breakfast. They would have a lot to talk about since Mat currently held the record for the number of times one of them had fucked their mother.

I moved on. No sloppy seconds for Alex, I decided. I was going to go take a quick shower then go in and wake him up. This time, I would talk about it beforehand. He was still my baby even though he was grown now, and I wanted him to be happy. I knew that no matter what, I would end with his cum inside me, but I wanted it to be a little more special. The last of my sons to leave my womb, the last to shove himself back inside it.

In the doorway to my room, I felt a pair of large hands wrap around my waist. "Morning," said Mat, his voice thick with emotion. I could feel his naked penis brushing against my ass, I knew what he wanted. I also knew that I could say no, very easily and he would obey. Despite the fact that I was their cum dumpster now, I still held all the power, this was my house.

But... I looked at the clock. Alex would most likely sleep until almost noon. I had lots of time. I clasped my hands over Mat's and walked into the room, his cock still brushing my ass, making my mouth water with anticipation.

I bent over at the waist and he lined himself up.

"You're already soaked," he said. "Is that cum? Let me guess," he pushed himself into me and we both sighed with contentment. "You've been fucking the others? Who's left?" He pumped in and out of me, building speed, gripping my hips and pulling me back to match his thrusts. "You're a little slut," he gasped.

"Jesus Christ!" I had clenched my muscles around him sending pleasure shooting through is mind. "Sorry, mom. I just, holy fuck." He thrust faster. "I love you. Thank you for doing this."

He was not as skilled as Stephan, but he was younger and I held his virginity. I had been the one to deflower him, so I would teach him how to please a woman, in exchange, I would receive that pleasure. Good deal.

Mat quickly came inside me and was replaced by his twin. They actually high-fived when they switched places. Boys. I would have to try and train them out of that habit.

Rand was more skillful, a natural talent I suppose. Luckily for me, and my lovers, I always cum easily so with each of them I climaxed. Not for as long or as hard as Stephan but everything can be taught. Finally, I took a shower, gently massaging myself to get ready for the deflowering of my last unfucked son.

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