My Loving Sons: Part 4

by J (Soviet Kanukistan)

Waking up that next morning, my pussy full and sore, I was stunned to not have Mark in bed beside me. Then, the memories came flooding back as the fog of sleep lifted. I grinned and reached between my legs, feeling where two of my sons had dumped their steaming hot loads the previous day and night. How may was I up to know? I wondered as I stood and draped my robe over my bare shoulders. Rand, then Mat, then both again for four. Then Rand at night and two from Mat. Seven. If I was a very, very lucky girl, then today I was going to lose count and never get it back.

I padded out of my room and down the hall, past the closed doors of my sleeping sons. I could feel myself creaming at the thought of five hard cocks just waiting for me. But, it was the weekend and my boys liked having big breakfasts. Since they had made dinner last night, it was my turn.

My robe flapped around me as I descended the stairs and crossed into the kitchen; it was open, my nakedness on brazen display but who cared? No one was up and I could still remember the feeling of my boys fucking me. I pressed the button on my coffee maker to pull an espresso shot and scrolled through my phone as I waited.

The scent of the coffee must have roused one of my boys because I heard a sleep befuddled, "morning," from behind me. Turning my head I saw Tom. He was alone and wearing his matched pajama set. Excellent.

I took the coffee from the machine and turned to give it to my second youngest. When I turned the open robe billowed slightly and he coughed, politely. I raised an eyebrow and his gazed flicked down before returning to my own. Smiling at his courteousness I placed the coffee on the island in front of where he was sitting and reached behind me to undo the belt of my robe. Sweat stood out on his face from the strain of not looking at his mom's tight body.

Languidly I closed my robe over and re-tied the belt, loosely enough to make sure I could open it again when the moment was right. "How," he cleared his throat, a look of relief on his face now that I was more modestly covered. "How did you sleep?"

I thought about my reply for a moment before saying, "pretty well, it felt amazing, actually. But, I woke up twice, needed to grind out some soreness." He nodded and sipped his coffee as I prepared another for myself. "Actually, son," I said, looking over my shoulder at him, "I wanted to know if you heard anything odd last night?"

He shook his head and muttered about the wind moaning and disturbing him. He was such a good boy, never assuming a thing. I carried my coffee over to the island and walked around behind where he sat to take the chair on his left. When I put down the cup, my belt loosened by the movement, my robe slid a little bit more open and I got an idea. Standing I said, "Hey, turn to me a moment." When he did I leaned in close and reached past him to where I'd left my phone, "I want to show you something."

Then, feigning clumsiness I overbalanced into his lap. Straddling my son I was at his eye level. "Sorry, Tom," I said, not even trying to get up. "Guess it's a little early." Seduction has to be carefully managed, it's not every day that things work out so that you're caught in flagrante delicto and thus have the perfect excuse to fuck someone.

I leaned back slightly and got a good look at his face. All traces of tiredness were gone now, his pupils were huge and I could feel his breath and the pounding of his heart. His body wanted me, even if his mind had not yet caught on. "I..." he said. "Yeah... uhh..." His eyes drifted down to my cleavage. I flexed my pecs and pulled my arms in slightly, making my already impressive tits seem to bulge at him.

"Are-" I kissed him. He froze, his eyes wide in shock, but I felt his cock, already semi-hard because of my body and my closeness, spring to attention.

I let my robe fall open and off, fluttering to the ground, then my hands went to work on the single button of his pants. "Mom, what're you," he said but I kissed him again, this time his eyes closed and he just went with it. Like I said, a good boy.

I freed his rigid cock from its prison, it was a little longer than the twins and raised myself up. I was so fucking wet that it was not at all difficult to slip him inside me.

"Mom, wait."

"Shh... shhh... don't say anything."

His hands came up and cupped my tits as I rocked my hips against him. It felt amazing to have a third son inside of me. In the back of my mind, a little counter went up from seven to eight. His thumbs brushed my nipples and I gasped at the sudden pleasure then he crushed his lips against mine.

I was in heaven and rode him harder, faster. The muscles of my cock tunnel gripped his length, trying to milk his cum out of him. I already knew that this wasn't going to be one of the times I came, but he would get me close, so close.

I thumped up and down him, trying to impale myself even deeper on him. Loving every second of having Tom fuck me. "Yes, mom," he hissed. "Fucking Hell, you're so tight!" I couldn't speak, too lost in the moment to form the words I just growled and kissed him again.

When the creaking from the chair he was on got loud enough to be heard upstairs, he hooked his hands under as and stood. Suspending me in the air he fucked me hard and fast, making me gasp and moan and cry out with each thrust.

He got faster and fast before grunting, "Jesus, Mom, I'm gonna-" he tried to pull out of me but I tightened the grip of my legs around his waist and his natural instincts took over. "Fuck, I'm gonna cum!" he said before dumping his first-ever load inside me. I felt it plaster my cunt from womb almost to clit as he kept up his furious pace inside of me.

Finally, he stopped, breathing hard and looked at me with a mix of bliss and fear on his face. "It's ok, son," I said, loving the feeling of his still hard dick filling me up to overflowing with cum. "This is ok. Just remember, that this is a family secret, ok?" He kissed me again and laid me down on the floor where he fucked me hard and fast until he bust another nut and his baby-batter sloshed out of me. "That's right," I said when he was done, stroking his muscular back under his shirt, my own orgasm fading into a pleasant background buzz. "This is yours whenever you want it now."

He kissed me and out of the corner of my eye I saw Stephan stop at the bottom of the stairs, then turn and flee back to his room. "Now then, Tom," I said, gently pushing him away from me. "You'll make us all breakfast right?" He nodded and stood, pulling his pants back up before starting for the fridge.

I walked to the stairs, not even caring that cum was dribbling down my thighs. My son's cum. I felt so deliciously dirty, and Stephan was next.

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