My Loving Sons: Part 3

by J (Soviet Kanukistan)

When I took that first shower, after two of my sons fucked me for the first time, I didn't think about that. I didn't think about the fact that I was washing my own children's sperm out of my cunt, I didn't think about the fact that I was going to fuck them again. I didn't even think about the fact that my other three would most likely be told as soon as they got home and then want their own turn. Which I would give them.

Instead, I thought about dinner and what I was going to wear when I got out of the shower. I eventually decided, my fingerings idly playing with my hard nipples under the running water, on something simple and high in carbs and protein. As for clothes, I decided to wear one of my older short skirts, no panties and no bra with an old sleep shirt. The kinds of things about which I don't care and might even enjoy covered in a mix of my pussy juices and the cum of my five sons.

I got out of the shower and, after drying off, strode down the hall to my bedroom, entirely naked, not caring who saw.

Stepping through the door to my room, I saw my youngest, Alex, sitting on my bed. "Mom!" he squeaked, turning red and away from me. I seriously thought about jumping on him and taking his presumed virginity right then and there. But, my pussy throbbed painfully at the thought. Four times in less than an hour was a lot to ask of her.

Putting the idea of riding my boy until I broke him aside, for the moment, I pulled on my preplanned skirt and shirt and sat beside him on the bed. "What's on your mind," I asked, taking his hand in mine.

He laid his head on my shoulder and asked me what he should do about this girl he liked. I felt the green-eyed monster raise its ugly head in my chest and had to fight down the sudden urge to fuck him. This was not the moment for mega-slut, right now, the boy needed his mom.

We spoke about the girl's situation for nearly an hour. I asked him if he needed condoms though the question tasted like vinegar and he politely declined. When he left I felt proud of myself. even though I fully realized that I was going to turn into his cum dumpster, just like I already had with Rand and Mat, and would with the others, I was still his mother and dammit I was good at my job.

Coming downstairs was a surreal experience. I saw Alex watching TV with Rand and Mat (the twins avoided looking over at me with such a studied intensity that they might as well have stared.) My other two sons were in the kitchen, preparing dinner, which took the weight off of my shoulders.

I paused in the kitchen to grab one of the chilled glass bottles of water from the fridge and dropped something sturdy enough to take the fall onto the ground. When I bent over to pick it up, I saw both of my loving sons take good long looks at my exposed ass and pussy lips. I grinned to myself and swayed my hips as I left the kitchen. I didn't need to look behind me to know that my fuck-me walk had their undivided attention.

I sat on the couch, between Rand and Mat to watch their show with them. It was Rogue One, which is coincidentally my favourite Star Wars movie. As I discussed with my boys my opinions on Disney's handling of the franchise I suddenly shivered and asked Alex to hand me the throw blanket. He did so and I spread it across mine and Rand's laps, then, under cover of the sheet, put my hand over the bulge that sitting next to me had put in his pants.

His face went hard as stone, his eyes locked on something behind the TV. I knew that he was mine.

Mat asked for a share of the blanket and pulled it up to cover mine and his chests. I leaned against him, citing the desire for warmth. His hand was under my shirt in an instant, feeling my bare breast. "You're very bold," I whispered during one of the louder action sequences.

"mmhmm," he said, not taking his eyes off the screen, but tweaking my nipple.

Dinner was an uncomfortable affair for the twins. They looked everywhere but at each other and me, and talked to everyone except each other and me. After dinner, they volunteered to wash up and when they were done that, escaped upstairs, citing homework concerns.

I watched T.V. with my other boys until it was time to hurry them up to their own beds. The whole time I was doing everything possible to let them see my body. Letting my loose shirt fall just so, allowing Alex to see down it. Arranging my legs so that the others noticed my panty-less crotch. I revelled in their suppressed hormones. They were such good boys. I realized that the next day, I was going to fuck all of them. It was a Saturday, they would be home and I was always up first. It would be easy.

Speaking of easy, around midnight I was awoken by a movement beside me in bed and a hand running from my hip up to my breast. I didn't resist, I didn't react but to change my breathing. My pussy creamed at this man's touch. I wanted him to shove himself inside me and fuck me until I cried. But he didn't.

I was gently rolled over and my lover took each of my nipples into his mouth, gently sucking on first one then the other, his hand between my legs the whole time. Then he kissed me, long and slow and deep. Finally, he broke the kiss and peppered me with kisses all the way down my front until he reached my hairless cunt. He lashed me with his tongue until I had to put my fist in my mouth to stifle the sounds. Then, he slid his length into me.

He fucked me long and slow, powerful but restrained thrusts, the weight of his body pushing me against the bed. He rode me so well that I came once, twice, three times before he finally grunted and the pace of his fucking increased as he fucked his spurting cum into me.

"Goodnight, mom," said Rand after kissing me again. Then he left. Minutes later, the door opened again and I saw Mat's silhouette.

"You're awake?" he asked.

Instead of responding, I threw off the blankets and spread my legs, ready to welcome my young lover into me. He came inside me twice before leaving me alone for the rest of the night, content with the feeling of my sons' loads sloshing inside me. Knowing that the next day, I was going to have so much more fun.

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