My Loving Sons: Part 2

by J (Soviet Kanukistan)

I could feel Rand spurting inside of me. He had been a virgin, and I thrilled at the idea of him losing it deep inside me, his own mother. I sucked hard on Mat, who was still in my mouth, making him groan to match his brother, but he didn't cum. Good, I wanted him.

When Rand finally stopped thrusting and shuddering against me, his brother put a hand on his chest and pushed gently. Rand fell away, a look of bliss on his face. Obligingly, Rand rolled out of the way as his brother, who pulled himself out of my mouth, stepped over his prostrate form and took put his position between my still wide legs.

"I'm going to fuck you, mom," he said, hesitating before entering me. "If you don't want me to..." I didn't trust myself to speak. I wanted him. He looked like a much younger version of his father, just like his brother; they had Mark's hair, eyes, and chin. I grinned, my chin shining with spit that had spilled over my lips as I sucked him and held out my arms while wrapping my legs around him and pulling him against me.

Most men, especially young men, balk at the idea of kissing a woman after their cock has been between their lips, Mat, however, felt no such inhibition. He leaned in and pressed his lips against mine, pushing his tongue into my mouth. One of his hands gripped my breast, and the other aligned his rigid cock with my cunt.

In one smooth motion, as soon as he found the opening from which his twin's cum dripped, he pushed into my womb. "Holy fuck," he gasped against my lips. "Jesus Christ, mom. You're, you're..." he gave up and just fucked me. Which is what I wanted anyway.

Having seen his twin in action, Mat caught on to what he needed to do faster. He thrust against me hard and with wild abandon, pounding into me. Like Rand, he was awkward at first but quickly fell into a mostly steady rhythm.

But my boy surprised me. He turned me and pushed me onto my back on the leather sofa. In a better position now, he supported himself on his arms and fucked me harder. All of my sons were in great shape. Mark and I made sure that they saw exercise as something fun from a young age, and when they got older, their games continued. I let my hands roam across the hard, muscular plains of my son's back as he pounded in my cunt.

"Fuck," he said, a much more talkative lover than was his twin. "You're amazing, mom. Fuck, I never thought I could feel this way." He fucked me deeper then pulled back so that he could look down at me. His abs were hard and slick with sweat as he fucked his mother.

He gripped my hips and pulled me against him in time with his thrusts.

"Jesus Christ," he gasped, and his thrusting got faster, his pulls on my hips more intense. "Mom, I'm gonna cum!"

I knew what he needed to hear. "Do it, baby," I hissed into his ear, biting at it gently. "Fuck your mommy! Cum deep inside me!" My throat was too tight to get the words out, but I think he got the point because he growled like some kind of animal and thrust hard into me, his cock exploding against my cervix. I climaxed the second I felt the first rope of hot, sticky cum soak the walls of my cunt. I screamed in pleasure, my eyes going momentarily blind as I rode the wave of pleasure as hard and long as I could.

When I finally released my hold on Mat he sagged away from me in just the same way that his brother had done, with the exact same look of blissfulness on his face. His beautiful blue eyes, so very much like his father's, glazed over in post-nut joy. I could tell that he was floating on cloud nine but hardly had a chance to admire the effect my pussy still had on men when Rand picked me up and put me on the ground next to Mat.

"You're so fucking hot, mom," he said, crushing his mouth against mine and slipping his cock back into me. I was sore, but I wanted more. I let him ride me through two more screaming orgasms, then, because I am nothing if not fair, spread my legs again for Mat to pump another hot load into my overflowing cunt.

When both of my lovely boys were spent, I kissed them each lightly on the lips, the only place I would kiss them from then on I decided, and stood on shaky legs. "You two better clean up down here," I said, cupping my hand under my dripping cunt to catch two of my son's loads as they leaked out of me. "You know the rules, you make the mess, you deal with it."

I brought my hand up to my mouth and licked their cum out of it, savouring each salty, sticky mouthful before lapping up some more. When I smiled at my sons and licked my lips, my hand already back between my legs I saw their worn-out cocks flutter and heard Mat say, "holy fuck."

"Watch your language, boys," I admonished, gently and absently stroking my nipples with my clean hand.

I left them to their chores and went to take a long, hot shower.

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