My Loving Sons: Part 1

by J (Soviet Kanukistan)

I don't know when exactly I first decided to let my sons fuck me. I suppose it happened slowly, as time passed and they got older, I lost my inhibitions. When Mark, my husband, fucked me, I didn't hold back. I was loud in my pleasure and open about what I wanted. I'm sure my boys heard me, I'm positive that was one of the contributing factors to what eventually happened between us.

Another factor was this, as the years passed and my boys grew up, I wore fewer clothes while I was home. None of this was intentional or consciously done, it simply happened. I would wear a robe and nothing else, or more revealing skirts and shirts. My hubby loved it.

He and I met in University and were married not long after graduation. We never really grew out of being horny teens or students. Even after our first son, Stephan was born we kept fucking at every opportunity. Really, it's not a surprise that Stephan was soon followed by Rand and Mat, who were twins, then Tom and finally Alex.

Mark and I decided that five boys were enough. We discussed having just one more, you know, to avoid dealing with middle child nonsense and maybe to get a girl, but ultimately we decided against it. I was lucky, my pregnancies and labours were nothing to scoff at but easy compared to what a lot of my girlfriends went through. Besides, the way my life is now, I think a daughter would only serve to make me jealous.

All of my boys had seen me naked at some point by the time our fun together really got started. All of those times were accidents of course, but they happened with increasing regularity. At one point Mark asked me why I let the boys see me naked so often and whether I wanted anything else out of life. We were lying together, entwined with his cum drying on my thighs and I couldn't answer.

A week later, he left on a business trip. I would be home alone with five randy boys for fourteen days. Thinking about it, even now, my pussy still gets wet.

It started with the twins. I was home alone while everyone else was out doing their own thing. It was June and it was the middle of the day. I stood in the living room, thinking about how to spend my first day without Mark. I always hated when he went away; as I said, we never stopped fucking like unsupervised teenagers. I truly loved him.

I couldn't handle it, my cunt was creaming just at the thought of Mark's big fuckstick. I pulled off my panties, sat on the leather couch and started rubbing myself. It didn't take long for me to cum, it never did. As soon as that first explosion was out of the way I unbuttoned my shirt and opened my front-clasp bra, freeing my huge tits.

Not bothering to get one of my toys I closed my eyes and kept rubbing myself, thinking about what I was going to do to Mark when he finally got home. I should have known something would happen. Carelessness usually leads to problems.

I heard a gasp and the thud of a bag hitting the floor. Too far into my self-love I cracked one eye and smiled at Rand, but didn't stop fingering myself. Mat appeared a moment behind him, saying, "what're you standing in the door for-" but cut off when he saw me.

Not knowing what I did, I turned slightly, letting my boys see my tits, shaking as my hand worked on my swollen lips. They stood motionless, just staring.

I came again.

When I opened my eyes after the last orgasmic shocks dissipated, they were closer, almost within arm's reach. Each of my sons had a tent in their trousers, it looked like they inherited their father's prowess. I took my hand off of my pussy and stretched, thrusting my chest forward. "You boys are home early," I said casually, as though I wasn't almost naked and they hadn't just watched me finger fuck myself to orgasm.

Mat reacted first, gently reaching down and filling his hand with my breast. Rand was a moment behind him, making me gasp as he started to rub my pussy. I said nothing, just closed my eyes and let the feelings flow over me. When the first moan escaped my lips, as Mat's lips closed around my exposed nipple I opened my eyes.

Rand was easing my shirt off, leaning me forward to slip the straps of my bra off and throwing them across the room. Seconds later, Rand was marked from the waist down and I was wearing only my short skirt.

"You really going to for it?" asked Mat, releasing my nipple and rubbing my cunt while looking at his brother.

"Look at her," said Rand, pushing my legs, which had not closed the whole time, apart. "If she didn't want it, she would tell us. Besides," he added, spitting into his hand and lubing up his clearly throbbing cock. "You don't want to be a virgin any more than I do, and, when are we ever going to get another chance at this?"

He slipped inside of me oh so gently, clearly not wanting to hurt me. As if he could, I wasn't a virgin and was so fucking horny that he could probably have shoved in without the extra lube, or any warning and it wouldn't have hurt at all. Still, I appreciated his concern, I'd taken great pains to raise my boys to be gentlemen.

"Holy shit, dude," said Mat as Rand bottomed out inside their mother and started thrusting gently. "You're really doing it... how does it feel?" Rand could only groan, the pace of his fucking sped up and I wrapped my legs around his hips, matching his uncertain thrusts with my own confidently rolling hips. My boy was pushing me so close to orgasm.

Mat quickly stripped off his clothes and put his equally hard cock next to my face. I knew that I wanted it inside me, but I was in no fit state to refuse him, so I wrapped my lips around his tip, already oozing precum and gently tasted him.

"Oh fuck, mom," gasped Rand after about five minutes of fucking, his speed going up every second as he got the thrust of what he was supposed to do. "I'm gonna," he grunted and pushed hard against me, screwing his eyes shut. The first of my sons planted his seed deep into my hungry cunt and I climaxed from the sheer dirty joy of it.

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