My Loving Brother

by Candice (IL)

“Darla!” Ken said, surprised to see his sister standing there naked in the kitchen.

She responded with an innocent look. ‘What? I like walking around the house with nothing on,” she said with a careless and unconcerned nonchalance.

Ken had gone to spend the weekend with his sister. He was thirty-four and divorced, and his sister was thirty-two and also divorced. The two of them had always gotten along while growing up and were close. After their both being divorced a few years ago, they had managed to start spending more time together.

She gave him a teasing sort of smirk. “Are you afraid that you’re going to see something that you haven’t before?”

He smirked back. “No,” he said. “I’m just … well, not used to see my sister naked.”

“Maybe it’s time that you go used to it,” Darla told him in a teasing female come on sort of way.

Ken looked at her. “I thought that you were a lesbian.”

“Ah!” Darla responded with a pained look. “I’m not a lesbian! Sandi and I were just having a bisexual fling is all.” She was aware that her brother knew that she and her girlfriend Sandi had sort of had a thing together. She had been fairly open about that, and it had not met with the approval of their mother and father, who viewed two women being romantic together as being somehow wrong and maybe somehow even immoral. Although she was well over twenty-one and had her own life. “Neither of us are lesbians!” Darla chided.

“Oh,” Ken said. Actually he had not been sure. He had never really talked to his sister about it.

“I like men,” Darla proclaimed. She gave her brother a testy look. “Do you want to fuck so I can prove it?”

Ken blushed over his sister’s blunt attitude. “Mom and dad would never approve of that.”

“Well, mom and dad will never know.” In a very self-assured fashion she added, “Maybe it’s about time we did it together.”

“Geez!” Ken said.

“Lots of brothers fuck their sisters,” Darla said in a perfectly matter of fact way. “It’s nice. And I’m not married, and you’re not married.”

“Well, I know. But … I just wasn’t expecting this.”

Darla gave him a smile. “Then why don’t we go and do it and enjoy it?”

A few minutes later Ken found himself nakedly having a boner with his sister.

They had gone into her bedroom and were lying together on the bed. Darla showed no hesitation in presenting herself as being perfectly willing. She had kissed him fully on the mouth and then sucked his penis. Ken was surprised to both see and feel his erection in his own sister’s mouth.

When she pulled back she told, “Now fuck me and make me cum.”

Ken climbed on top of her and pushed his stiff maleness through his sister’s hairy folds, going into her wet and willing vagina

“Geez, Darla …” he breathed.

Darla held him. “Ohhhh … I’ve always wanted to feel your boner in me.”

“Oh, Darla …”

“Just fuck me! Fuck your dick into me! Fuck my cunt and make me cum!”

Ken began to hammer his hard boner into her as she lay there naked beneath him, moaning and panting from his invasive sexual thrusts.

“Oh, God! Oh, God!” Drala said as her brother fucked her. She had always had a very healthy sexual appetite which lent itself to men and, on occasion, even to other women, which of course included her friend Sandi. Now it included her own brother and that was so wonderful.

Darla felt her wet cunt being repeatedly violated by her brother’s large stiff boner and the excitement of having his reproductive organ in hers was making her arousal unstoppable.

“Ah! Ahhhhh! Ahhhh!” she panted and began to climax. Her breath came in short gasps. “Ahhhh! Ahhhhh! Ahhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Ken could scarcely believe that he was lying between his sister’s legs with his erection pushed itot her vagina, and that he was making her have an orgasm. It just felt so good to be using his penis like this with her.

“Ohhhhhh …. Ohhhhhhh … Ohhhh …” Darla breathed as her orgasm began to ease and her body went limp.

Without wasting a moment, Ken quickly and efficiently took his boner all the way in his sister.

“Uh! Uhhhh!” he grunted as the semen surged from his penis to put his sperm into his own sister’s vagina.

“Oh, yes! Do it in me!” Darla said, holding her brother tightly as he ejaculated. “Oh, God! I’ve never been fucked like this before!”

Finally when they had both sufficiently recovered and they opened their eyes to look at one other, Ken grinned somewhat sheepishly over having just been so masculine with his own sister. Darla smiled. She loved it.

“Oh,” she sighed in a very self-satisfied way. “It’s about time that we did this together.”

Author note.
The first time that my brother and I had sex, it happened just about like this. It was the most wonderful experience for both of us. We have been happily enjoying having a sexual relationship for three years now and love how significant it is. Of course our mother and father have no idea nor would they approve. Some things are just best kept private between two individuals.

The two of us have talked about going somewhere we could just live openly together, but so far we have remained undecided. I suspect that we will do this eventually, as we are both happy in our relationship and find it to be perfectly satisfying. But for now, yes, it is very nice.

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