My Lesbian Friend

by Zena (Australia)

Recent Corona has been a blessing for us. And my gf and I have been having great times ... My gf (32 yo) is good at pussy eating. I love her because she is a good dominating sex partner.

On weekends when she visits me and we spend almost whole day preparing ourselves in foreplay and move around almost in nude.

When I am ready I get totally naked as she surveys my mature body and puts me on my back. She starts to slowly kiss me on the mouth while her hand cups and massages my breasts.

I do the same to her. She lets my tongue slide in her mouth, exploring every detail. When I feel her tongue enters my mouth, I sucked it in and try to hold it. It often leads to tongue fighting as we press our body closer.

She slowly starts to kiss down my cheek to my neck…down to my throat. She then moves down to my breasts. While she cups one of my boobs, takes the other in her mouth, sucking it. Her tongue dances around my nipple and flicks my nipple with her tongue. She then kisses my other breast and repeats the same thing there.

Kiss and suck and massage my breasts go on until the nipples are rock hard. She then starts to kiss downward to my stomach, letting her tongue dab into my belly button, then down further to my thong, her hands stroking my boobs all the while.

She kisses my mound, and then keeps going to the thighs. She hooks her thumbs around my thong and pulls them down as she kisses my inner thighs, ankles, then my feet as she slowly takes my thong off and put them aside.

I slowly spread my legs while she kisses and spread my thighs wider. She loves the pussy smell so good from here. Now her mouth reaches to my pussy, but does not touch it yet, instead skipping it and kissing up to my belly to breasts.

She sucks and plays with my nipples again, then kiss up my neck to lips. I too gently kiss her lips, then kiss down to her neck to breasts massaging her boobs. I tell her my pussy is too wet and hot. My whole body is in heat …

She then begins to kiss down my body again, but this time from the middle starting between my boobs, down to my abdomen until her head is between my thighs. She gets down so that she is able to smell my pussy good separating the lips by her fingers.

Finally, her tongue dives into my warm, wet pussy, exploring by darting in and out and starts to play with my clit. She works my clit around and around with her thumbs, gently pressing and rubbing in circles.

She takes pause for some time to take my engorged pussy lips in her mouth to suck deep, often biting them lightly …. OMG! It feels so much ecstatic!

Her tongue makes quick work with my juices. I bring my hand down and hold her head to give it more room to work better.

Tenderly, she takes my pussy lips in her fingers and pulls them out so her tongue can probe them on both sides and then is able to slid her tongue all around lips and inside of the slit. She slowly brings her tongue inside the slit, making way to go deeper into my cunt while the mouth engulfs my erect throbbing clit.

Finally, she can tell from my moaning that I am getting close to climax. Very quickly, she lets her tongue dart in and out, just dabbing my clit with light thrusts of her tongue. My moaning increases and I am on the brink of cumming.

While I am cumming, she pushes two fingers deep into my wet and waiting pussy. I start to cum with mind-shattering sensation – started squirts jets of pees into her mouth – she gulps as much as possible!!

After a few more strokes of finger fucking, she slowly pulls out her fingers and lie by my side – cuddling and kissing. We are both breathing hard as I reach over drawing her warm body closer.

I know after some rest it will be my turn to cool her off – she loves dildo fucks and I have it ready with lots of lube handy...

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