My Landlord and I

by Anonymous

Lying bare on the double bed in my room, I willed myself to submission as my naked landlord climbed on top of me with excitement and lust in his eyes. Even though no foreplay was previously initiated, I was aroused by the sight of him. From his sizeable hands, charred because of labour work in his youth, gracing my milky legs with rough strokes - to his pop belly, crushing my insignificant weight against the mattress, so much so that I was amazed I hadn’t dipped into unconsciousness out of suffocation.

If anyone walked into the room, they would’ve recoiled at the sight of us: an attractive student in her late twenties, being topped by a frail-looking seventh-something year old man who’d been planning this rendezvous for a long time. Alas, rent was due and I hadn’t any means of paying off my debts. This was the only solution and selling my body appeared to be the most thrilling idea at the time.

He carelessly parted my thighs with his palms and licked his lips at the sight of my glistening pussy, inviting him to unbelievable pleasures. As he adjusted himself between my legs, his forearms stretched and rested at both sides of my head in a plank position. In this tight hold, I could smell the bio under his armpits - the moist hair looked long enough to braid. This, combined with the stench of cigars from his discoloured lips, contributed to the putrid stench in the room. I planned to open the windows wide for fresh air once we were done, because this fucker had no sense of hygiene.

The tip of his semi-erect cock, stroked the folds of my vagina - not quite entering yet, but alerting me of its presence all the same. A small whimper fell from my lips, the first sound I’d made, as I felt it brush my clit. He smirked, pleased with my reaction, and gave me a glimpse of the inside of his mouth, a quarter of his teeth having already fallen out. I suppressed a gag that built up in my throat, and forced a winning smile. At that, his face desperately bent down to capture my lips with his. The make-out session was so sloppy and long, that I’d forgotten when we started and finished. He finally broke away to trail his lips down my neck, licking and sucking wherever he could.

He returned to my lips and tried to pry mine open. When I refused to let him insert his tongue inside, one of his hands manoeuvred to find my breasts. He began fondling them, squeezing and stroking as he went along. When I refused to cooperate once more, he pinched my right nipple, so aggressively that my mouth fell open in a screech. At that, he placed his tongue inside to caress my own.

He nuzzled his face at the curve of my neck and inhaled my natural scent, nipping continuously at the area. It was then I realised that these actions were to prepare him for his fully engorged cock finally pushing forward into my glory hole. I was suddenly reminded that this was probably the first time he was having sex, after many years following his divorce. He groaned against my skin, at the sensation my slick vaginal walls bought him. While I circled my arms around his neck and gripped his grey hair between my fingers, sighing with anticipation as we became coupled.

He started thrusting in and out so only the head of his cock slipped between my pulsing lips. His teasing was driving me wild. My breathing quickened as I tried to thrust my hips upwards to capture more of his cock. Every now and then his cock would slip forward and press hard on my clit, making me gasp. I couldn't take it anymore. I raised my legs from their stationary position at the sides of his body, wrapping them around him to try and pull him closer. The heels of my feet connected with his lower back, as tightly as a koala bear hung to a tree. He responded by thrusting his cock all the way into my pussy, as I kept pushed upwards to try and milk him.

He held himself deep inside me, then pulled back and started fucking me for all he was worth. I couldn't believe what was happening. Even though I’d mentally prepared myself prior to this arrangement, the reality of it all was sinking in. Here I was, having sex with an older and fatter man, much more experienced than any of the boys I’d been with before. Yet, instead of feeling repulsed by the notion, I was more satisfied with how well he fit inside me, like the missing piece of a puzzle.

As he plunged in and out, I could feel my pussy muscles rippling around his cock. It felt so good. My arms circled around his back and hugged him close, to pull him deeper into me with all my might. He reached underneath to grope my ass in a tight squeeze, before aggressively pressing down on my hip bone with the buildup of pressure. It was all I could take.

With the increased pace of our hips colliding and the moans of desperation falling from our lips, we came together. I closed my eyes and lost myself to my surroundings, so all I could hear were his grunts and groans - his mouth was so close to my ears that they were almost touching. I bit my lip as my entire body shook with the feeling of ecstasy, rippling through me as my pussy lips convulsed around his cock. He, on the other hand, bit my shoulder and ground down on my hips with one final thrust, emptying his load deep inside.

I felt him soften inside me so he pulled out and lay on my right side, still close enough for him to caress my thighs. We both watched as our combined bodily fluids poured out of my snatch, and soaked the bedsheet underneath. I smiled lewdly up at him and he voiced his gratitude once again, for me having agreed to this arrangement. It wasn’t long before he was dressed and out the door, that we settled on a day and time the following week.

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