My Landlady

by Czodias (Australia)

It was during early 1970's - those permissive period for young men and rock music. I was studying in the UK on scholarship. My university fixed me with an assigned family, a landlady living single, aged 55 (I guess but looked younger).

She was quite caring and did looked after me well. I did have some sexual bout with two of my gfs but in my new place I was horny for a pussy. My landlady offered me this opening.

To cut the story short, with her having sex was one of the best sexual experiences I've ever had. It all started with watching TV together in her living room. She used to wear only a house coat but no bra underneath.

Gradually we turned to watch porn-like short movies. And she would touch her boobs and move her hand to her pussy - oblivious of my presence.

One night I sat beside her on the same sofa. She drew me closer and I could feel the heat of her body. That first night we just kissed and petted almost all night, just on top of our clothes — nothing too serious.

The next night we had some drinks and at one stage she dragged me off to her bedroom. She pulled all my clothes off and I did the same thing to her. It was easy for me as she was in her house coat - her entire body was then exposed to me, this time no panties on!!

The foreplay didn't last long, as she was still all worked up from the nightly TV watching. And she knew what she wanted. She pushed me onto my back and sat on top of me. She then started rubbing her crotch against my thighs and skillfully slid herself onto my cock.

She started to rock back and forth on me, and even though I could feel myself going in and out of her I was not new to this and wanted to make sure I fully enter into her juice flowing cunt.

I reached down and used my fingers to feel around her pussy and puled wide her pussy lips so that that they cover the base of my cock to give her slit good friction. The realization that this was actually happening to me and I decided to just relax and enjoy the experience.

She reached body shaking orgasms soon but I was yet to come. I drew her nearer to me so that I could suck on her nips and massage the boobs well. She seemed exhausted from previous climaxes. So I started ramming my hard cock as deep as possible in quick sequences and dumped my load deep into her. She laid there almost spent as I got up to wash myself.

After that we routinely fucked a couple of times a week just for sex for the next about two years. Now that I have more experience I realize that she was fantastic in bed and it was her love of sex that made her so good. My advice for other horny guys that get yourself an older woman who knows what she is doing.

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