My Introduction to Cock

by John (Enjoying Cock)

Larry and Kathy have been living next door for many years. One day I was asked to come over for supper. The three of us ate, then Kathy got up and left. She came back with a suitcase and said goodby she was to be away for the rest of the week. I could see that Larry was not happy.

"Larry what's wrong"

"John Kathy goes away for too long and too frequent"

"I thought that you two were happy"

"we were until she got this job, with that she was promoted and she travels a lot, I am horny"


"John your single, no woman are you gay"

"no just haven't met the right woman"

"well I have been watching porn and masturbate, don't you"

"I have masturbated when I have the urge yes"

"how about going inside and watching some porn, interested"

"sure why not" we went in and sat on the couch as Larry put on the porn. First it was a couple fucking, then lesbian and finally two guys masturbating together. I watched as it was interesting.

I looked over at Larry with his cock out and he was masturbating slowly. He was cut and a nice size, I was attracted to his cock,

"John pull it out and beat off don't be shy" I watched him until he exploded, I didn't pull it out.

"sorry Larry I have to go" I went home thinking about his cock, how excited I was. I could not stop thinking about his cock, I went to the bedroom and masturbated. My mind was on his cock, it really turned me on. I did not see Larry for about a week, Kathy was in the back yard. We spoke and she told me how happy she was with her job and that she was going away tomorrow.

The next day I waited for her to leave as I was really horny about Larry's cock. I went over with a bottle of rum and asked him if he had coke. He opened the door and said come in. We drank until I asked him about how we could be watching porn where we left off last week.
"Larry I found it very exciting to watch" actually it was his cock that was exciting to watch. He put on two guys masturbating together.

"thought that I will start where we left off" he took off his clothes and slowly masturbated. I was so hard watching his handsome cock being masturbated. I undressed and joined him. We sat side by side masturbating.

"John Kathy goes away a lot and cock pleasure has been this way for a long time, I never went looking"

"this is so hot" I was so horny doing this with him.

"your single"

"yes" then he put his hand on my cock, I let go and he took over masturbating me.

"I wanted to masturbate another guy a long time ago" I was enjoying him working my cock

"Kathy goes away and I am horny, when she comes back, she's tired"

"Larry you turned me on last week, as I watched you masturbate your beautiful cock and now I want it"

He continued to masturbate me until I exploded, then he masturbated for me to watch. Then I went home, I thought about my evening with Larry and couldn't wait for our next encounter. I just kept thinking about cock fun.

The next day Larry was working next to the fenced when I came out.

"John the back door will be open, rum and cock lol" I laughed as well.

"what time"


Sure enough the door was open when I went over, I could see the porn was on and when I arrived he was all naked with a hard on.

"John my cock is waiting for you" my cock got hard immediately, I undressed and my cock saluted him. I sat down beside him, both cocks hard and ready.

"John I have some new porn I hope that you will find interesting" all porn is interesting, so he started. It was a guy sucking on another cock.

"Larry are you giving me a hint" I knew he was

"well you are attracted to my cock aren't you" I was but didn't think about sucking him off before.


"good, I was hoping that we could go to the next level" I was even more wanting of his cock now. I could see his cock was precumin and wet. He got up and got us drinks. As he walked up he gave me my drink and had his cock touch my lips, I did not resist, I tasted his sweetness. Then he sat down smiling.

"now I know where we are going" he took my cock and slowly masturbated me smiling. I was tasting his precum and thinking about his cock in my mouth. Then he stood up again and walked up to me, his cock was right before my mouth, he pushed it against my lips and spread his precum all over them. I opened my mouth and started to lick his cut head, now he pushed it in my mouth as I opened up. He started to fuck me as my lips wrapped around his cock. In and out, in and out, I took his cock in my hand and masturbated him as I sucked his head, my tongue was digging into his slit, my tongue working his back of the head. I felt him quiver and his balls move and then his cock pulsated with cum shooting into my mouth. At first I wanted to pull off but instead suck in all his cum, then I swallowed it. It wasn't bad tasting, salty for sure.

"God that was good" and tasty, I was happy that he enjoyed my cock sucking.

"I love your cock" man did I ever enjoy it.

"I hope that Kathy is away all the time from now on" I knew that his cock would be looked after by me.

"don't worry she will be away often enough for us to love our cocks."

I loved sucking Larry's cock, we masturbated as well. Too bad we didn't start years ago.

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