My Hot Little Sister

by Burt (Pearl, MS, USA)

When i was twenty years old, my sister Sarah was 18, our dad passed away. Mom had to go to work to help out.

My sister and i worked part time and summer jobs while going to college.

This first summer, Sarah and i were both off from work the same day. I slept in then got up to take a shower.

I knew mom was at work and thought Sarah was with her friends.

Well i went to the bathroom nude, got in took a shower.

I got out dried off and going back to my room bumped into Sarah.

She was...well, well my brother what have we here.

My cock got so very hard.

I was and stammered hey sis, i thought you were out. Sarah goes well you are all out here i see.

Sarah reaches over and wraps her hand around my cock and strokes it. Hey brother, i love your hard cock.

I was trying to move her hand and cover myself up.

Oh, brother i need me some of this cock. What are you talking about.

I want you to fuck me brother.

I can't do that you are my sister.

I know that, but i need some dick.

I want you to teach me everything.

I don't have any condoms Sarah.

Thats okay Burt, i want your dick without anything between it and my vagina.

So we went to my room.

I hand dreamed of doing her, but never dreamed i'd actually do her. I took off her top, and bra while we kissed.

Sarah had amazing breast for her petite body. She was a solid 34B, knowing this by reading the tag latter.

I then pulled her jean shorts and panties down and off.

I latter also saw from the tag that she had the hips of 32, waist was 18.

I lifted her up wrapped her legs around me and held her ass as we kissed, then i sucked a nipple then then the other one.

I laid her on my bed and got between her legs and ate her cunt, sucking her clit making her cum 5 times right after each other.

I had her to lick, suck my cock and nuts.

I lifted her up and laid her on top of me, slide my cock in her cunt, grabbed her ass to hold and feel while i helped her get in the grove of fucking my cock.

While doing this we kissed, and i sucked her both nipples. Sarah had bar rings in both nipples.

We got to really enjoying our fucking.

In the short time we both climaxed and Sarah got pregnant we fucked the whole 9 months she was pregnant.

We never told our mom that i was who got Sarah pregnant.

I sucked Sarahs tits after she breastfeed our baby.

Mom cane home one day and found me sucking on Sarah's breast.

Mom talked to both of us about it and i started fucking mom then, some after that and sucking her tits too. Mom told me son this is totally wrong.

So what mom what we do at home is nobody's business.

Mom has since died, but Sarah and i live together, in a different location as husband and wife.

Our children are 35, 33, 31, and 29.

Sarah fucks our 2 boys and i fuck our 2 daughters now and each other.

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