My Grandma's Husband and I

by Bob (Pomona, Missouri, USA)


I could not believe how amazingly good these lips feel around my dick and the throat is like a milking machine sucking every last drop from my balls.

This story started couple weeks before this day when Rob caught me and his wife having sex.
It did not bother him that we were having sex because he didn't have sex with her.

Rob's wife was also my 70 year old grandmother that I been having an affair with for 10 years.
Rob threatened to tell whole family and friends if I didn't have sex with him also.

I was to meet Rob every Wednesday at the park so he could suck my dick.
Rob said he like young hard dicks with huge loads of cum.

This is the second Wednesday I am meeting Rob at the park and really looking forward to it.
Three weeks ago I couldn't imagine a man's lips on my dick. Now I don't know why I did not go bi sexual sooner. This is my sixth blow job from Rob and it only gets better every time.

I am laying on a blanket in the bushes in the park getting BJ from Rob.
We are almost in 69 position he is sucking and I am looking at his hard cock and nice looking ass for a 75 year old man it looks so inviting.

I have never fucked man ass but fucked grandma's ass hundreds of times in last 10 years.
Rob sucks my dick I am looking at his ass and I rub his ass slit a little then his asshole.

Rob moans loud with pleasure.
I wet my finger in my mouth and slide in Rob's asshole with ease I could feel it was well used so I put another finger in and I finger fuck his ass while he suck my dick.

When I shoot my load down his throat and in his mouth Rob shoots a load of cum.
I now have the urge to fuck Rob's inviting ass. I don't know if I can wait until next Wednesday to get balls deep in his ass.

I also love the way he shot a huge load of cum from his ass being fingered.
He have a nice dick I may give it a try but that will be another story after his ass.


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