My Grandma's Husband and I: Part 2

by Bob (Pomona, Missouri, USA)

Here it is Wednesday finally got here to meet with Rob.
Rob and I have been having sex since he caught me fucking his wife (My grandma).

This is the third Wednesday and sex with Rob is getting better every time we meet. Last Wednesday I got an urge to play with Rob's ass while he was sucking my dick and since then I have had the urge to get balls deep in his inviting ass.

I am so exciting I am leaking precum thinking of his ass and his hard nice looking dick.
We are on a blanket in the bushes at the park almost in 69 again but not quite yet.

Rob is sucking my dick and I am paling with his ass crack making my dick harder and throbbing. I stick two fingers in Rob's ass and his big dick gets hard. Rob lubed his ass before I got here it was slippery and so inviting.

I put three fingers in his asshole and he sucked my dick to my balls and I unloaded in his throat seem like biggest load of cum I ever unloaded at one time. Rob shot huge load of cum also.

Damn it now I am getting urge to suck a load of his cum but I tell myself let's get ass first then move to next step.
I knew at that moment I would be 100% bi sexual after this Wednesday is over.

I finger fucked Rob's ass after a few minutes rest my dick got hard as a rock. Rob got up got over me and squatted down on my cock and before I knew it I was balls deep in Rob's hot and wonderful ass filling his ass with my dick and cum.

Rob got so excited when I stroked his big dick and filled him with cum at same time he shot his load of cum all over my chest chin and some in my face then oozed cum all over my hand to.

I looked at cum on my hand and brought cum to my mouth and licked every drop off my hand then Rob started licking cum and scooping it on his fingers feeding me his cum from chest and stomach.

Rob and I fucked and sucked each other rest of the day.
I went way further with Rob and sex in four weeks than I ever thought I would go with any man in all my life.

Then I started thinking I have to tell grandma her husband is gay the reason he doesn't have sex with her and that I am bi sexual having sex with her husband also tell her I plan to keep having sex with her husband and her.

When I told grandma she told me she been knowing Rob was gay since a month after their marriage he told her he was gay and they decided to be companions or roommates to help with their living expenses.

Now grandma know I will be in park on Wednesdays but I am her's any other day if she needs me.


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